Hey hey!! I’m back and it’s time to catch up a bit.

First things, first. I am so happy to report that I’m officially divorced and single for the first time since I was 23. This is a very good thing. Also, it means that I still have to time get married in 2021! Just kidding. Not getting married any time soon.

I’m also celebrating my sister’s 40th birthday!!! For her birthday, I took her to Costa Rica for a surf camp! It’s the same one I did when I turned 40! I can’t figure out how link to a post on here, but you can search on the blog website for those old posts (I’d use “surfing” or “Costa Rica”). Anyway, Em and I were so excited to head out on Friday night.

It took us quite a few flights to get here, but it was worth it. Em decided the best course of action was to drink her way through the layovers!

We made it to Costa Rica on time yesterday and it has already been so much fun. The place where we’re staying is so, so beautiful.

We are part of a surfing retreat called Surf Bikini Retreat where we surf about 3.5 hours a day, do yoga 3 times, get massages, and also have some free time. The food is incredible and it’s also all women, which I just love. The owner recently finished building this house and it’s so perfect. There are seven surfers in this retreat and it seems like such an awesome group. The youngest is 29 and the oldest is 69! Most of us are in our 40s, though, I think.

Here are a bunch of photos from this morning including breakfast, one of the house cats, the beach, and Emily and me after our first surf lessons! We survived!!!

We’re now chilling outside, about to have lunch, and then we rest until we head back to the beach for another round of surfing. This place is absolutely magical.

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Happy 42-sday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Someone pointed out that I would be 42 on a Tuesday (42-sday) and that meant that I should paaaaaaaarrrrrrtaaaaaaaaaay. Well, I don’t really know how to party, so that’s a bit of a hurdle, but I liked the sound of it.

Needless to say, I have no plans today. Just working and I have swim practice tonight so that takes me to about 8:30 pm. Which is right about my bedtime – #partyanimal. I’ve done a pretty good job using birthday discounts in the past week and I’m totally going to get my free Starbucks today. Ooh, I also heard that there’s a donut shop here in Portland that gives you a free dozen donuts during your birthday week! I’m in. #ilovefreeshit

A few pics over the last few weeks:

My nephew, Elijah, is a grown man now. A senior in high school. Un-f*cking-believable. He’s so fun to hang out with and is such a nice damn kid.

And little Ken! I can’t even with her. She is just the cutest. And she has her mom’s exact eyebrows, which just kills me.

Last weekend, I went to the Portland March for Reproductive Rights with a few friends.

It was a beautiful day, but it’s so f*cked up that we have to be out there talking about this sh*t. Also, f*ck Texas. The only access to birth control and healthcare I had in law school was Planned Parenthood and I’m so thankful (and lucky) I had somewhere to go. I can’t imagine living somewhere where I was without access to basic healthcare. Just in case you’re wondering, teaching abstinence doesn’t work and neither does the pull-out method #newsflash. And don’t even get me started about non-consensual sex and the women/girls this impacts. One friend that attended the March walked in the door and yelled, “I’m so full of rage!” Exactly. Me too.

Speaking of rage, I’m dating again. Just kidding, not raging at all. But yeah, I know. Don’t worry, my therapist knows all about it and I’m not being a complete idiot. Just a partial idiot. And yes, it is a total sh*tshow…I kind of love it. And no, I’m not going to post that much about it. BUT, Portland is a small town. I’ve already met up with someone who knocked up a friend of a friend (whoops!) – didn’t find that out until after – and someone else reached out to me who had dated a friend of mine. Uh?! To be fair, he didn’t realize we had a mutual friend, but even after I told him I knew all about him, he was still interested. Whaaaaaaa? Crazy world.

Also crazy? This little monster:

Tot is just the best. I think around 24 pounds and the happiest thing in the world.

Happy 42-sday to me and happy Tuesday to you!

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Wilted Flowers and a Couple of Goals

Now that it’s September, I thought it would be a good time to write about some of my 2021 goals, LOL. I meant to do this back in January/February/March, but sh*t life happened. I love setting goals and I think I started doing a 19 in 2019 list, then 20 in 2020, and 21 in 2021. I heard about this on the Happier with Gretchen Rubin Podcast. I like it because you can put major things on it (like plan a 40th birthday trip with my sister) or just stuff you want to get done (complete Singapore photo album).

Every year I have a reading goal. I kept my goal the same this year as last (30 books). I think I may have read 32 or 33 books last year – go me! So far this year, I think I’m one book behind, but having the goal keeps me reading, which I love. I usually have some sort health goals like swimming or walking a certain number of times each week, and I usually have a goal related to playing the harp. I also change my goals if needed, which is nice. One of my goals this year was to take some sort of class with J. Well, that’s not going to happen. So now my replacement goal is to NOT get married in 2021. This should be an easy one considering I’m still married to J (and I’m not into polygamy and can’t even handle having one husband) and I’m not dating. Wish me luck!

The other thing I wanted to write about today was this magic I came across. I’ve been buying fresh flowers about every other week and I love them. Except last week I bought hydrangeas and like a day later, they were all wilted! I was pissed. Then I decided to talk to my friend, Google, to see if I could do something to save them. And I found magic. Here’s what I did:

The wilted one:

I filled my bathroom sink with cool water, trimmed the stem, and submerged the entire bloom into the water (I use a bowl to hold the stem down so the bloom stays submerged):

And left it for a few hours. Here’s what I came back to:

F*cking magic! I’ve done it twice now with the same blooms and it keeps working. Maybe everyone already knows this trick, but I thought it was pretty cool.

And when I’m not goal-setting or saving the planet a flower, I’m usually a dog bed:

Hope you have a great Sunday!

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