Cartagena – The Mud Volcano

The mud volcano was so f*cking awesome that it deserves it’s own post! We paid for a tour guide to take us there and we loved it! Definitely recommend the tour guide because he knew exactly what was going on and we didn’t have to think about anything. None of us really knew what to expect and I think it was our favorite thing that we did in Colombia. It’s definitely one of the more weird things I’ve ever done.


One of the best things about this was that someone was there to hold our clothes and to take pictures!

The mud was kind of the consistency of paint, or how I imagined it would be to swim in paint. I can’t remember how deep the mud is, but it’s something crazy…like hundreds of feet deep. I think the volcano is like 50 feet above ground, but the mud goes way down into the ground.

The mud was warm (kind of gross) and made us very buoyant. At times, it was difficult to keep our feet underneath us. Not surprisingly, G was a complete disaster because (1) he can barely swim to he was afraid of drowning, and (2) he has no balance or body awareness. I think he almost took Lucie down a few times. He is not invited next time.

Once we were in the mud, we got massages! I loved it.

Petr thought that eating the mud was a good idea. Yikes.

We stayed in the mud for at least an hour – so long that our guide had to ask us to get out.

After we got out, we walked to a lagoon that was right next to the volcano and there were people helping us get all the mud off.

And yes, we all took off our swimsuits. It was really the only way to get somewhat clean. #nudists

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Comuna 13, Medellin, Colombia

It’s the last day of 2022 and I’m finally ready to wrap up my posts about my trip to Colombia. Better late than never. And just a warning, unsubscribe now if you don’t want to receive a few posts from me today. I have no plans and thought I should just catch up. The good news: I don’t actually plan on writing that much – mostly pics. You’re welcome!!

Ok, so back to July when I went to Colombia to compete in the Masters Pan-American Aquatics Games!! So much fun. You can read my earlier posts about competing and Medellin here and here.

While we were in Medellin we took a tour of Comuna 13, which we all loved. Comuna 13 used to be considered one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world due to drug trafficking. It’s a neighborhood that is on the hillside, but the hillside is like almost vertical – seriously so steep. In 2002, the President launched a raid. Since the raid, Comuna 13 has been redeveloped, and the government installed outdoor escalators that make it so much easier to go throughout Comuna 13 and into the rest of Medellin. The history is incredible and our tour guide was great. Highly recommend a Comuna 13 tour if you visit Medellin.

The area is covered in murals and graffiti that are just so beautiful.

It’s incredible how steep it is and how they were able to build homes, stores, restaurants, community centers, and everything here. Was I worried that everything would collapse? Only some of the time.

We tried the famous crema, which I think was just frozen mango. Whatever it was, it was delicious.

And this dog lives on the hillside somewhere! Isn’t he beautiful? It was so strange to see him coming down the stairs in this warm climate. #ilovedogs

Beautiful Medellin from the top of Comuna 13. Such an awesome place.

After going on this tour, we ate our favorite, favorite thing:

Arepa de Queso! If you like cheese – omfg, you have to eat this.

Okay, I think that’s everything from Medellin! It was so much more and so much better than I ever thought. Please, please visit if you have the chance.

Next up, Cartagena!

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Nationals in Maine

I finished my last swimming event of the year! It was the big meet of our season – the US Masters Championship for artistic swimming – and it was in Maine! Wow, Maine 😍

It was my first Nationals meet in about 30 years and I had so much fun. As much as I freak out, I really love competing and I’ve missed it so much. My club had two teams and two duets competing. This is everyone:

Here’s my team:

We swam twice. For our tech swim, we’re required to wear black suits and white caps and we have to execute required elements.

For our free swim, we can kind of do whatever we want. Our routine includes a few lifts, one with a backflip. We also have custom made suits and lots of makeup:

After we finished our last swim, we took some fun photos in the warm up pool:

And we got third place!

I had such an awesome time and I really love competing. I mean, it really scares me and I get so nervous, but I love that feeling. It reminds me of when I did harp recitals/performances – it’s a very similar feeling.

After the meet, I stayed in Maine for a few days to relax, sleep, sleep some more, and do a bit of sightseeing. This was one of my best ideas ever. And I loved being a tourist by myself! I haven’t done a lot of solo travel so I didn’t know how I would like it. Turns out…I LOVE IT!

It helps that Maine is a magically beautiful place.

I hope I have the chance to visit Maine again.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this:

A belated happy Halloween! I borrowed the costume from one of my favorites, Steph, and isn’t it just the best?! Easiest costume ever.

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