Still Here, Still Home

And, except for the inability to swim, I’m kind of loving it. As weird as that is. Although, my hair, omg, my hair. It’s had about two good days:

Also, that was one of the two days I wore makeup in the last couple of months. I should probably do that more often.

Sometimes it’s easier to make my hair look psycho on purpose.

That was actually for a family zoom meeting. We try to have a theme or something to do so we have something to talk about. This was for “crazy hair day.” I think the kids had fun with it too. Next weekend, we’re having a Nailed It! competition where we have to recreate an awesomely decorated cookie. I’ll do my best to post about it after. Should be fun to see how everyone does.

Oh and I also finished this horrible puzzle!

J gave it to me for Christmas last year or the year before (as a joke?) and it was the only puzzle I have that I haven’t done before. And no, I’m not some psycho Twilight fan, although I remember liking the books way back when. I don’t think I’ll ever do a black and white puzzle again. It’s way too boring and I felt like I was losing my vision trying to do it. Ugh.

Oh and we’ve celebrated TWO BIRTHDAYS during this time. J’s birthday was on April 14th and G’s birthday was on April 27th! Two old f*ckers, for sure. G turned 59. Damn.

As usual, J would like to remain anonymous and G would like to be featured on the blog every damn day. Wow.

That’s all from me today. Enjoy the long weekend, stay safe, wear masks and don’t do dumb stuff. 🙂

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Well, hello…

It’s been a while (I feel like I say that every time I post…), but it’s true. And while it’s been a while, not a lot has changed. We’re still at home, we’re still healthy (yay!), and we’re all still working. I’ve completed a few puzzles:

I really hated that one, not only because there was a piece missing, but also because I almost went blind trying to put it together. All the colors were dark and blah colored. I almost gave up on it every day. I’m still surprised I finished it. Well, kind of finished it.

I still have a couple more to do, but I’m trying to space them out a bit. I walk/run every single day and while that’s not a lot, at times, it seems like a long to-do list. I feel like when/if this goes back to normal, I’ll be the one saying, “Wait, I don’t want to leave the house or go anywhere. Please make us stay home again!” Weird.

Speaking of staying home, my backyard is looking pretty great right now.

I need to have that enormous tree trimmed and I can’t take credit for the lawn (I pay someone to do that), but wow! It’s looking pretty effing nice these days. I should probably get a dog so he can run around and trash it…Biff loved doing that.

Oh and now that I haven’t had my hair cut in a million years, it’s really starting to look crazy awesome.

Before this COVID-19 stuff, I had decided to grow my hair out. And now, it’s grown a bunch, my roots are frightening incredible, and I have no idea how to style it. It’s naturally wavy/curly so I had to flatiron it to make it look like the above picture. Because my roots are so dark, I thought it would be a good idea to color it. Nothing like an at-home color treatment, right?!!

Super fun! It’s just a shampoo that you wash in and then it will wash out over time. The above picture was taken after I used the shampoo once. I used the Celeb Luxury brand in Pastel Light Pink and I left the shampoo in for probably 10 minutes before I washed it out. There are a bunch of different colors and I’m tempted to try them all.

So that’s the update from here. Hope you are all safe and healthy. #stayhome

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I feel like I say “wow” about 100 times a day right now. Also, “this is crazy.” I know we’re all trying to get used to this and at times, it’s pretty scary. I try to avoid talking about anything to do with the news on this blog, but this is unavoidable. The weirdest part for me is that I already work from home (and have for about 10 years) so I know what that’s all about, but being told to stay home is a completely different situation. I also live with two people who work in grocery stores so there’s that. And George hasn’t had a day off in 14 days. As a result, I am staying home, except for when I go for a walk every day. I miss swimming so much though, that I keep looking at buying a swim spa. Some people hoard food, some people want to buy weird sh*t.

Anyway, I thought I should get a bit caught up on here. Last month, I went to Cabo with a bunch of friends. I stayed at the same place George and I stayed at a couple of years ago and it’s just incredible.

That’s our backyard and the house is also pretty dang nice. We had seven adults and six kids staying there. Definitely not the ratio of adults to kids that I prefer, but at least none of the kids were mine. The house is huge and I had a bedroom suite that my entire house could fit in. Here’s a video tour of the entire house.

One night, we all packed into the minivan to go to dinner. There were 13 of us in the one car. Definitely not social distancing. Every adult had a kid on their lap, except the driver. Mia and I were in the waaaaay back. #notsafe

The next weekend (over leap day), my sister and I flew to Los Angeles to see Oprah!! I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it was.

Oh yeah, and we got to see J-Lo too!

And yes, this was the event where Oprah fell. Oh and Rita Wilson was also in the audience that day. It was about a week before she tested positive for COVID-19. Ugh.

BUT, it was so great to be able to go away for the weekend with my sister. It’s been way too long. And we also got to meet up with my dad, too!

They both hated that I wanted to take pictures, but now, I’m so happy I did!

Now I’m home for a while (along with the rest of the world, I hope – Spring Breakers, go the f*ck home!). Fortunately, I’m still working and my workload is only going to increase. The way my job works is that when the economy tanks, there is more work. I’m not complaining, I’m thankful, so thankful for this. My heart goes out to everyone who isn’t working and can’t work and I hope that they get some relief soon.

In this time of uncertainty, not only to I want to buy a swim spa, but I also want to adopt all the dogs! I haven’t…yet. Instead, I borrowed one of my sister’s dog for a few days. Her name is Bailey and she’s been on the blog before. She’s a puggle and she’s always stressed out because she’s looking for her brain.

But we love having her around and she’s a good little walking companion.

I think you’re all caught up now. Today, my schedule consists of a 10-hour date with a puzzle while watching 10 hours of tv, a walk, and an hour of news (that’s all I allow myself to watch). Hope I can get everything done!

Stay safe, wash your hands, and stay home.

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