The Partaaaaaaaay

Lately, we have not been good at making time to get the entire family together so finally, my sister and I just told everyone we were getting together Saturday and they needed to show up. It happened to be the day before Kai’s birthday so we celebrated that too! We’re too old lazy busy to do anything very extravagant these days so we opted for pizza, fruit salad, some chips and dip, and cake! It was easy, no stress and almost no work. Perfect!

I picked up pizzas on the way and Kennedy greeted me on her “horse.”

She prefers to ride her horse while eating Cheetos Puffs. I mean, who doesn’t?

The weather was awesome on Saturday (in the high 70s) so we spent some time outside. Kennedy set up a nice spot for herself:

And do you see that mallet off to the left? Well, she smashed one of her Cheetos into kind of a hard concrete (orange) pancake…Bevy enjoyed it. Kids. I guess she was trying to keep herself occupied until her cousins got there.

She worked on her pole dancing climbing and later showed off her flexibility.

She’s definitely going to have a great side hustle, if she needs it. No pizza delivery for her!

Her cousins finally arrived and they spent most of the afternoon on the trampoline.

And Kennedy’s sister, Toya, was there to celebrate, too!

I made sure to get a picture with my mom and sister, but forgot to get one with my brother. Next time, next time.

At least we got one with the entire crew (minus J, who’s taking the picture and probably doesn’t want there to be proof that he hangs out with us)!

It may be a bit blurry, we may not all be looking at the camera (Kennedy or Toya), and some of us may have our eyes closed (Kai), but we’re all there having a good time! And really, that’s all that matters.

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A Birthday and Father’s Day

It’s a big celebratory day in my family today. First, it’s my nephew’s birthday! I’m having a difficult time accepting believing that he’s nine years old so let’s go back to the day he was born:

I had dark hair and he was so tiny. Baby Kai!

And yesterday, we celebrated the nine year old!

It’s so clich√© to say, but time really does fly. He’s going into 4th grade next year and I feel like I need to start preparing myself for when he leaves for college. Damn.

I will do another post tomorrow with a bunch of pictures from the party so stay tuned!

In other news, it’s FATHER’S DAY! Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, step-dads, godfathers, creature dads, uncles, father figures, and everyone else who’s celebrating (or should be celebrating) today. And of course, to my dad!

Have a great Sunday!

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That was no joke

I survived the week! And props to all the parents out there for doing all the sh*t I’m so happy I don’t have to do…driving all the time, dinner, bedtime. OMG. Just doing pick-ups and drops-offs added two hours to my day! I can’t imagine having to do that all the time. And the talking. So much talking. Kennedy talks nonstop! And normally, it’s so cute and adorable, but when I have to hear it for 30 minutes straight at 6:45 am…whoa. Apparently, I love the quiet.

Thankfully, one night, I didn’t have to drive forever to get Ken home because I met my sister at the train. I call it the “kidnap the child” scenario and this is how it goes down. I pick up Kennedy at school, take her to the train stop and then we wait.

My sister calls me when she’s almost there to tell me what car she’s in and what door to go to. When the train arrives, I throw Kennedy on the train and walk away.

It’s super fun and it feels strange to just put a kid on the train (even if she’s with her mom) and watch the doors close! It just feels wrong and like something someone would do if they kidnapped a kid: pick her up at school, take her to a train to meet someone else involved in the kidnapping and off they go to meet someone else, etc. But I do it anyway because it saves me a million hours of driving.

The dog with my sister is my new niece, Bevy! She’s my sister’s guide dog and she is awesome. I’m so happy my sister has her now. It was a long process that included a three week training course in New York in November/December last year. She goes almost everywhere with my sister, including on flights, on the train and in the car. I didn’t realize that when she rides in the car, she rides like this:

That is Bevy sitting on the floor in front of the passenger seat in my car, with her head between my sister’s legs. She doesn’t like it that much, but she’s trained to curl up into a pretty small space. Oh and she’s a 70 pound german shepherd.

And when they fly (which is about once/month right now), she is trained to sit underneath the seat in front of my sister. Cray-cray.

All in all, it was a successful week and so f*cking exhausting we all survived. I also managed to make four Instant Pot meals for the kids (Kennedy and Elijah), get Kennedy to bed on time and not call in sick to my own job. Now, it’s time for a massage.

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