Crafting and Soccer

Last Saturday, I needed to entertain Kennedy for half the day before her parents got home. Usually, we stay at her house and watch Netflix, but I wanted to do something different and I hate most of the shows she watches so I decided to go on an adventure.

We dropped Elijah off at school Saturday morning – he takes some kind of plane-building class every Saturday morning – and then we hit the road. Kennedy loves to make crafts so I thought making crafts would be fun. We went to The Craft Factory. They provide cut-outs in so many different shapes and then there are paints, beads, feathers, Legos, pipe cleaners, yarn, paper, etc. to decorate the base. And as much as I wanted to participate (everyone can make a craft), I didn’t want to take over or influence Kennedy’s crafting so I decided to just act as her assistant. And it was fun!

I loved how Kennedy took no time in deciding what she wanted to do. She grabbed the cat base and then we looked at paints. She wanted a million paints and that scared me.

She went for a striped look. After painting, she loaded up on supplies to decorate her cat face. The kids get to use a glue gun to attach the decorations to the base.

Who doesn’t love a glue gun?! They’re so much fun! After she finished the cat, she wanted to do another one! I’m a pushover so of course I said yes. Ugh. She grabbed the cake base and got to work. Here are the finished products:

I asked if she wanted to add a nose to the cat and she said no. So the cat has eyelashes, but not a nose? Hmm…

After crafting, we stopped by an awesome bakery next door called Sarah Bellum’s Bakery and Workshop. It’s a non-profit that helps get adults with brain injury to return to work by baking!

And Kennedy loved her brownie. The perfect fuel for her soccer game. After crafting and eating, we drove halfway across the universe for her soccer game. Thankfully, it was a beautiful day and #6 was on fire. She scored a goal and ran a ton!

Ken’s parents met us at the game so I got to clock out when they showed up and that was just about the best feeling of my life. We had a great few days together and no one died!

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Like Old Times

It’s crazy to say, but G and I heading to Palm Springs and LA today! Together. And yes, it’s just like old times. George managed to break two suitcases before we even got to the airport and he’s been “running late” since about 5 this morning. Old habits die hard.

I haven’t been to Southern California in a few years and I’m really looking forward to it. My biggest plan is to do nothing, though. Hike in the morning, sit by the pool (in the shade) all day and take 100 naps. If all goes well, G may even survive.

Wish us luck!

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A Short Story

Last week, I was the best aunt ever. For two nights and two mornings, I had to be a mom. And I’m so happy I don’t have kids it was great! It actually wasn’t that bad. My sister and her husband were out of town, so I had to take care of all the kid things from Thursday at 5:30 pm until about 1:30 pm on Saturday.

Saturday morning was pretty chill. We had a few hours before we had to be anywhere so we all kind of hung out. It was me, Kennedy (6), Elijah (15) and Elijah’s friend (15). I needed coffee in a major way so I asked Elijah to watch Kennedy for a few minutes so I could go to Starbucks. This is how the conversation went:

Me: Elijah, can you watch Kennedy for a few minutes so I can run to Starbucks?

Elijah: Sure, but you should get me something too.

Kennedy: I want a hot chocolate!!

Me: F*ck, okay, what do you want?

What felt like hours passed and I had an order for four drinks.

Well, before I left, I said to the kids: After all of this, if my drink is wrong, I’m murdering all of you. #bestauntever

Kennedy: How are you going to murder us?

Me: Huh, I don’t know, but I’ll figure it out..

Elijah: Kennedy, she’s just kidding. She’s just kidding.

Me: Laughing

Kennedy: Are you going to murder our bodies?

Me: Yes, I’ll probably murder your bodies.

So I leave, pick up the drinks and head home. The drinks:

Next time, I’m telling Elijah I’m going to buy tampons. Anyway, I pass out all of the drinks and everyone is happy.

Kennedy: Is your drink right?

Me: Yes, it is! No one’s going to get murdered.

Kennedy: How were you going to murder us?

OMFG, she wouldn’t stop asking about how I would have murdered them. I love that she wasn’t concerned that I would be murdering the kids because Starbucks f*cked up my order, she just wanted to know how the murder would go down. She’s the best!

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