Cartagena – The Mud Volcano

The mud volcano was so f*cking awesome that it deserves it’s own post! We paid for a tour guide to take us there and we loved it! Definitely recommend the tour guide because he knew exactly what was going on and we didn’t have to think about anything. None of us really knew what to expect and I think it was our favorite thing that we did in Colombia. It’s definitely one of the more weird things I’ve ever done.


One of the best things about this was that someone was there to hold our clothes and to take pictures!

The mud was kind of the consistency of paint, or how I imagined it would be to swim in paint. I can’t remember how deep the mud is, but it’s something crazy…like hundreds of feet deep. I think the volcano is like 50 feet above ground, but the mud goes way down into the ground.

The mud was warm (kind of gross) and made us very buoyant. At times, it was difficult to keep our feet underneath us. Not surprisingly, G was a complete disaster because (1) he can barely swim to he was afraid of drowning, and (2) he has no balance or body awareness. I think he almost took Lucie down a few times. He is not invited next time.

Once we were in the mud, we got massages! I loved it.

Petr thought that eating the mud was a good idea. Yikes.

We stayed in the mud for at least an hour – so long that our guide had to ask us to get out.

After we got out, we walked to a lagoon that was right next to the volcano and there were people helping us get all the mud off.

And yes, we all took off our swimsuits. It was really the only way to get somewhat clean. #nudists

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  1. Tonie Ogimachi says:

    I’m loving your trip! Happy New Year!

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