Just Keep Swimming

Damn, once again, it’s been forever since I posted. Let me catch you up: I’ve been swimming. And working. And going to therapy. There you go. Talk to you next month!

Oh and I also turned 43. It was a pretty tame birthday and I enjoyed it. I had brunch with my mom, which was so fun to do on a Wednesday!

I really am ready for retirement. Oh and I changed my hair! Back to the dark side.

My birthday was on Wednesday, but I had an artistic swimming performance on Thursday that was freaking me the f*ck out. I was a bit preoccupied with swimming and I also don’t really give a sh*t about birthdays. Yours or mine. #truth

Anyway, the stress of swimming really messed up my sleep and pretty much everything last week. OMFG. Yeah, such a fun hobby! Damn. Fortunately, my team had it’s best swim yet, which was kind of a miracle.

We head to Nationals at the end of the month and we’re pretty excited to go. Mostly because it’s in Maine, but also because we can stop practicing so much. LOL.

And because I haven’t been swimming enough, I thought I should sign up for an open water swim race next weekend. I’m flying to San Francisco for about 24 hours to swim from Alcatraz to the shore (and hopefully not get eaten by a shark). It’s about a two-mile swim and I should be ok, but honestly, I haven’t done a long distance swim in a while…just a lot of synchro. Oh and I’ve never done an open water race. Super cool.

I’m still loving my studio and no car life. Tot is also living his very best life. He got this stuffed toy in his PupBox and it scares me how excited he was about it.

Yep, we’re definitely madly in love.

Speaking of being in love with my dog, therapy is going well! I’m not dating and I should probably write a post about that. It was so difficult not to get back into dating after the last break up (with the man-child). I didn’t realize what a great distraction it is. Since I’m not using dating as a distraction (or any other unhealthy way to cope), I’m now having to just SIT WITH MY FEELINGS! HOW MESSED UP IS THAT??? Super rude. But I really am enjoying being single and not ready to mingle. It’s nice to do whatever I want all the time. Even if that is just taking a million naps between swims.

Ok, that’s it for now. Be back soon-ish. Whenever. Love yourself. Get a little hippie woo woo.

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