Moving, Moving, Moving

After what felt like decades, I’m all moved and settled into my new place…and I absolutely love it. Even though I downsized by about 200 sq ft, this place feels bigger. I’ll share pictures after I get a couple more things for the space (artwork and a rug).

But before I share more about the move, I have to share a picture from yesterday with my nephews:

We celebrated Kaz’s birthday (he’s on the left) and these kids are just growing up so much. It’s so fun to spend time with them.

Ok, back to the move. I wanted to share a couple of moving tips I discovered. My first tip is to throw everything away (or sell it) so you don’t have to move anything. Just start over. #movingsucks

Unfortunately, I didn’t get rid of all my stuff so I RENTED boxes from U-Haul. I just didn’t want to do the cardboard/tape thing so I started looking for alternatives. I didn’t even know renting boxes was a thing. I picked up 6 big, plastic boxes last Saturday. I had reserved 12, but they only had 6 in stock when I picked them up. UGH. It turned out fine, but in the future, I’d confirm before that they have the boxes in stock. They are durable and stack nicely:

Yes, they are heavier than cardboard, but make packing sooooo much easier. I returned them to U-Haul yesterday and the total cost was $9 for the entire week! So much cheaper than cardboard and no waste. Love that.

The next tip is the wagon that’s in the picture above. I wish I’d bought this earlier. It is the best thing I’ve purchased in a long time. I live on the 5th floor of my building (I was on the 4th floor in my last building) and carrying things to and from a car/mailroom is a f*cking nightmare. I went to the store yesterday and didn’t have to worry about how much I was buying because I could put it all in the wagon!

It saved me so much time because I didn’t have to make multiple trips to and from the car. And because I had rented a car, it also saved me money because I didn’t have to pay for the extra time going to and from (you’re charged by the minute). Oh and I don’t have to carry 20 bags at one time.

Also, because the building I moved from is only two blocks away from my current building, I just took the wagon back and forth for the last few things – so easy and I didn’t have to carry anything! Finally, the wagon folds up and fits in my closet when I’m not using it – perfect for a studio.

Similarly, the easiest way to move the harp was to just roll in down the street:

Surprisingly, the harp fits nicely in the studio and I may even start practicing again!

It’s so nice to be all moved and a bit settled in. Tot and I are spending the day at home today with no plans and I’m really enjoying it. Tot has already spent time at the dog spa:

The pet spa is one of my favorite things about this place and look at that wallpaper!


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1 Response to Moving, Moving, Moving

  1. Jini says:

    I’ve got 2 wagons , a red one like yours – indispensable! And a blue one with wide wheels for the beach. I moved in May, and couldn’t have done it without the wagons! I love that you rented boxes; and you’re right about getting rid of shit!!
    Love your Auntie gig! Sweet nephews! 💙

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