I’m still planning to write a couple more posts about my trip to Colombia, but I’m getting ready to move (once again) and I wanted to share a bit about it. Currently, I’m living in a one bedroom, approximately 600 sq ft apartment. I was the first person to rent this apartment and I’ve really loved it, but I also realized I don’t really need a one-bedroom. I know. #minimalist

A brand new apartment building was completed sometime last year and it’s about a block and a half from where I live. I checked it out and I decided I wanted to move into a 470 sq ft studio. The building amenities are great, the location is awesome, my apartment has a great view, and it’s less expensive. I’m moving next week. Fortunately, I barely have any stuff so the move should only take a couple of hours.

I’m really looking forward to it. I don’t know if I’ll ever buy a house/condo again. It’s so much less work to be in an apartment. I don’t have to do anything to maintain it and it’s sooooo nice.

More surprisingly, I’ve also downsized in another area of my life. I SOLD MY CAR. And I haven’t bought a new one. I few months ago, I realized that I really only drive to the pool, which is close, but not close enough to walk to and from every day – it just takes too much time. I realized that there are bikes lanes pretty much the entire way there and decided to buy an ebike.

Once I started riding my ebike to the pool (which takes less time than driving), I really stopped driving my car. And started thinking about selling it. I was/am a little worried about when I need to drive around the city or to see my family, but I discovered that there are cars parked around the city that you can rent by the minute/hour/day. It’s all done through an app and it’s pretty cool. You don’t have to talk to anyone, put gas in it, have insurance, pay for parking within the city…pretty cool and so easy. And of course, there’s always Uber and Lyft.

So I said goodbye to my car!

I got a great price from the dealership (I think) and it was so easy. I kind of love not having a car. And I’m definitely going to love not paying $200 month for parking.

I’m enjoying a simpler life and it’s a lot less stressful. Also, I’m happy to report that I’m not dating. What’s even better is that I don’t want to date. I have some major work to do re: relationships, and I think I’m finally ready to do it. What does that mean? Ages of therapy I’m afraid. I’ve realized I don’t want to continue doing the same dumb sh*t and I need some help figuring it out. #timetodothework

So now just it’s me and this guy…

Living our very best lives.

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