A Graduation Partaaaayyyyy

Wow, two posts in one month! Who am I? Things are the same and different and all over the place. I’m swimming so much to get ready for competition next month and that’s scaring the sh*t out of me. But I also love it. A lot. I’ll definitely post pics.

Last weekend, my nephew graduated from high school and we had a big party to celebrate!

And don’t worry, everyone’s favorite friend joined the party too:

Yep, G is still around all the time. He comes to a lot of the family events (Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday parties, etc.) and we try to get together a couple of times a month. No, we’re not getting back together, but we have an incredible friendship that’s pretty fun. He’s also coming with me to the swim meet next month to cheer us on! Super cool.

Ooooh, and I haven’t talked about the true love of my life in a while: TOT!

He is just the cutest thing EVER. He’s (finally) growing up and calming down (maybe). He is not going to doggie daycare anymore, but the daycare took this picture of him and I just love it.

Oh and I guess I should do a quick update on my 365 days of sobriety from dudes. Uh, well, it’s been a bit rocky and not quite the clean break I thought it would be – oops. But, I’ll figure it out, sooner or later. No, it will be sooner. SOONER.

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1 Response to A Graduation Partaaaayyyyy

  1. Steve says:

    Okay, I’m thinking your nephew must be a physics or bio-mechanics major, because it would take a highly-educated mind to make that mortarboard stay put! But well-deserved congrats to him; I hope his next steps serve him well, too.

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