Merry Christmas!!

We celebrated last night and had so much fun. It was so loud and crazy (apparently no one knows how to talk without yelling), and don’t forget about all the dogs and so much food. OMFG. Pure insanity. And it was great.

I’m keeping this post short on words and full of photos…mostly of my dumb face with all the nieces and nephews, sorry. Here are a couple of group photos first!

Oh and I know you will all be happy to hear that G was able to grace us with his presence as well. Instead of taking pics with humans, though, he wanted a pic with the new love of his life.

#soromantic #weddingbells2022 #poortot

Hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday!

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas!!

  1. Jon says:

    Great pictures, Marni!
    What a brawl! Merry Christmas!

  2. George Davis says:

    I do love Lil Tot! But I also love you humans too. ❤

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