Costa Rica 2021

Oh my f*cking god did we have an incredible time in Costa Rica! We made it back last Sunday, and I think I’ve finally recovered.

That’s the entire surf crew, including surfers and surf instructors. We had such a great group of ladies surfing with us and our instructors are incredible. Oh wait, the owner (and instructor) Adilia is missing from this pic. Here’s a pic of us together:

Adilia is amazing and she has a crew full of talented and amazing women working for her. I really love that.

And guess what?!! I made it on a green wave (that’s when you paddle out past the break and catch an unbroken wave on your board) a couple of times and it was caught on camera!!

As you can tell, I was pretty excited. I didn’t really do anything but listen to my instructor, paddle my brains out, and stand up when she starting yelling at me. I still don’t know how this surfing thing works. Thanks Jessie!

Poor Jessie had to spend a lot of time on the water with me and my teammate, Pat.

Pat and I were the most experienced surfers of this group. Pat has surfed a lot in Florida, but not on big waves. I have surfed a little…and not very well. It was pretty much everyone else’s first time surfing – the experience bar was set kind of low…at least for me. Pat is 69 and pretty much everything I want to be when I grow up: super active, totally balls to the wall, hilarious, and apparently not afraid of taking a wave (or 100 waves) in her face. Damn.

The three of us spent a lot of time on the water waiting for the perfect waves. Jessie and I talked about our million marriages and divorces and Pat listened in amazement (or maybe horror, I’m not sure).

Oh and want to see my signature surfing move???

I’m second from the left, lying flat on the board. LOL!!! Impressive, no? I would stay like that forever, just waiting for Jessie to tell me to start paddling. Sometimes, I’d have to turn around and paddle out to avoid being crushed by a wave, but I preferred to stay like that. Also, it kept me from getting stung by jellyfish as much. Yeah, one day there were a ton of those f*ckers out there. And you can’t see them. You just feel their little hair-like tentacles grazing against (and burning) your skin. Super fun!

But overall, it was incredibly beautiful surfing out there every day. It was in the mid to high 80s and the water was about 83 degrees. It really was a dream and such a change from the dreary Portland weather.

Emily had an amazing time too. While I was kind of a slacker surfer (probably the first quitter every session), Emily was out there every minute she could be. It was awesome!

And she did so well! While she didn’t have a chance to get out past the break, she rode so many whitewater waves every day.

She has way better balance than me so she will likely be a better surfer in no time. She’s already talking about going back to Costa Rica again so that’s really cool.

I can’t talk about Costa Rica without talking about all the incredible food we ate. We had the best cooks and they prepared the best fresh food every day. Just look at this sushi platter they made for us one night:

And the after-surf smoothies were so beautiful and tasted like magic!

We went out to dinner one night to La Luna (my favorite restaurant) and I again had the hummus platter.

And I made Pat take more pics with me. Sorry Pat!!

That’s such a short recap of our trip. I have about a million more pictures (some on Instagram @the_marni) and so many awesome memories. If you ever want to take a surf trip, definitely think about going to Surf Bikini Retreat. It is THE BEST!

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