New Digs and Palm Springs

First, a few things about my new place (that I just love). Not only is living by myself a dream, but this is the first time I’ve lived in an apartment that’s not a sh*thole a “luxury apartment.” It’s brand new and has a lot of amenities. This is one of the best amenities (that I never thought I’d use):

The pet spa! I didn’t realize how nice it would be to be able to throw Tot in the big tub and hose him down. Not having to deal with him f*cking up my bathroom? So very, very nice. He’s not a big dog so it’s not like it’s hard to wash him in the bathtub, but this is so much easier. I may need to put one of these in my next home.

I also had a Samsung Frame TV installed and I love it. They are smart tvs that “turn into art” when you’re not watching it. There are a ton of artwork options, but this is my current favorite:

If you didn’t know, I love dogs and surfing. And don’t worry, this idiot likes my place too:

LOL! Yep, G comes over to hang out in the a/c, do his laundry, and watch tv. Oh and he’s madly in love with Tot, of course. No, we’re not getting back together, but thanks for asking. Just BFFs for life and that works pretty well for us. #heissingle #probablynotreadytomingle #idontreallyknowthough 🙂

About a week and a half ago, I took a last minute trip to Palm Springs to see my dad. I hadn’t been on a plane since February 2020 and I hadn’t seen my dad since November 2019. Fortunately, I was able to work from there, but unfortunately, it was about 4,000 degrees.

I had to walk early in the mornings or risk bursting into flames if I walked later. It was beautiful, though.

And swimming at night when it’s 85 degrees out is kind of awesome.

I also did this fun puzzle and wouldn’t let my dad take it apart before I left! Thanks for the puzzle, Jon! While I’m so happy I saw my dad, and my flights were not full, it still freaked me out being around all those people (especially in big airports – I’m talking about you LAX). I don’t know when I’ll feel comfortable traveling again…

Which is fine because I’m madly in love with this creature and missed him like crazy!

#loveofmylife #sorryGandJ

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2 Responses to New Digs and Palm Springs

  1. Chuck Johnson says:

    It was great to have you here. Come back soon! Dad.

  2. George Davis says:

    I forgot that you took that pic of me. I love your place much more than the hot box that I live in. And Tot actually loves me more than he loves you; so there’s that.

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