Catching Up

Now that I ripped that band-aid off, it’s time to catch up on other sh*t going on in my life. In April, the wonderful G (and ex-husband #1!) turned 60! To celebrate, I took him skydiving! I surprised him with a skydiving trip when he turned 50 and he was totally into doing it again. Go George! Also, I love giving a gift that I get as well. Go Marni!

It was my 3rd jump and it’s so much fun every time. I also realized that I’ve gone skydiving every ten years, at ages 21, 31, and 41! Definitely going to keep doing it.

And in the last few months I was able to see two of my favorite people in the entire world, Uncle Daniel and Candi Coe!

I’ve known them since birth (they went to college with my dad), but haven’t seen them in forever. It was so good to catch up with both of them. Side note: they are probably 50% of the reason I don’t have kids. As a kid, I thought they were so cool (I still think they are so cool, btw) and living the best lives because they didn’t have kids. I was like, “f*ck yeah, these two have it figured out” and also I don’t like kids. Thanks for being the most awesome role models.

We’ve been working hard on my sister’s nonprofit and recently did a “Pints and Paint” afternoon that was so much fun! Per usual, I was the greeter:

If you’re in the Portland area and want to join, sign up on EventBrite for the next events on September 19 and October 17, 2021! Fingers crossed the entire world doesn’t shut down again. #getvaccinated #wearamask

Speaking of the world possibly shutting down, I’m pretty much isolating at home these days, except to go for walks and swims. And so…I’m back to puzzling!

This was a fun one, except someone thought it would be a good idea to eat some of the pieces. Ugh:

I’m not going to name any names, but I think the culprit looks like this:

LOL, he makes me laugh all the time. Tot’s 8 months old today and is still the cutest-cutest.

Hope you all have a great Sunday!

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