Mostly Totter Tot

As you may have guessed, I’ve been a bit obsessed busy with Tot. As expected, I’d forgotten how awful wonderful it is to have a puppy around. Whoa. I mean, yes, I’m madly in love and cuddle with him as often as possible, but OMFG, the attention he requires is insane. Can’t wait until he’s an old dog that just wants to sleep all day. But dang, he is pretty f*cking cute!

I’m sad to report that he can’t fit in that t-shirt anymore. And like true city-living @ssholes, we got him a patch of grass so that he can get used to going outside.

He still can’t go on walks (unless we drive to the middle of nowhere) because he can’t be around other dogs we don’t know so that has been a bit of a nightmare an obstacle. Try exercising a puppy in a condo…when he’s afraid of going up and down the stairs. Ugh. And that’s why we became even bigger @ssholes and enrolled him in nursery school!

This was really the BEST thing ever. He goes two days/week, gets basic training skills, plays with other puppies, gets introduced to adult dogs too, and is exhausted when he comes home. It has helped so much.

His preferred lounging spot:

I will regret letting him do this when he’s doubled in size.

A few months back, I got a balance board to use at my stand-up desk while I work. I love it and I finally took it out in front of Tot. He hopped right on with me!

Finally, Tot was able to meet his cousins, Bailey and Bevy, yesterday!

Doesn’t he look SO HAPPY?! Not surprisingly, Bailey (the puggle) hated him and Bevy loved him. It was so hilarious to see Tot and Bevy playing together. She must outweigh him by 50 or 60 pounds and he didn’t care at all. He just chased and chased and chased her. I think today will be full of naps for little Totter Tot.

Oh and I sold my house! We closed at the end of February, and everyone moved out in early March. Looking back, it sold quickly, and was probably pretty smooth. At the time, though, it felt like a nightmare and I thought it would never end. George and I took one last picture our last time there. Bitter sweet, for sure.

And I’m growing out my hair! My stylist sent me this comparison:

I think the pic the left is from June or July 2020. The one on the right is last month. I can’t say I’m loving the longer hair, but it’s getting healthier and we’ll see where it is in the next few months.

Finally, if you’re not listening to my sister’s podcast, Human is My Label, you should be.

Last week’s topic was microaggressions. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I always need to learn more about these. Some examples are: “Where are you from? Like originally?” Or saying, “How many fingers am I holding up?” to a visually impaired person. Or “Can I pray for you?” or “You can’t do ______, can you?” We all say them and we need to learn more about them. And honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever given them much thought…and that’s the problem. Anyway, listen and learn!! It’s good for you and humanity.

Hope you’re all having a great Sunday!

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