A New Addition

Good morning! It’s been so f*cking snowy and icy here in Portland, I can hardly believe it. We are lucky, though, and have had power the entire time. So many are without power and have even had to go to hotels/motels to stay warm. Fortunately, it’s warming up now and hopefully we’re back to normal (a regular quarantine/pandemic normal) soon.

I’ll start with the most exciting news first – we got a puppy!!

His name is Tot, he’s 9 weeks old tomorrow, a robust 5 pounds (the biggest in his litter) and he’s just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. We adopted him from Family Dogs New Life and they think he’s a chug – chihuahua/pug mix. Here’s a pic of the entire litter:

OMG, they are so cute! I wanted to take all of them. Thankfully, they wouldn’t let us because of a thing called littermate syndrome. But that’s fine because I don’t think we could handle two of these little nightmares blessings at once. He’s too small to go outside right now (because it’s waaay too cold and there’s waaay too much snow/ice) so we are using about a billion pee pads (super gross).

And yes, I’ve worn the same sweatshirt for the last three days because Tot likes it! I took the above picture at about 6 am this morning. He slept through the night last night, which worried me (naturally, I thought he was dead) so I woke him up at 5:00 am. We’re working on a schedule, but he’s doing so well. And I’m madly in love. So is J!

A few weeks ago, J and I went to the coast for a few days! It rained almost the entire time and was kind of like a hurricane but it was so nice to get away. I LOVE THE BEACH! I can’t wait to take Tot, he’s going to lose his f*cking mind!

Last, but certainly not least, I’m still doing school with Kennedy on Mondays. It’s going to be quite an adventure next Monday with Tot too, but she’s so excited to meet him. A few weeks ago, she had her hair done in rainbow braids and it was gorgeous. She surprised me by wearing harp earrings! I’ve had the earrings since I was a kid, but never really wore them. I love that she put them on!

Dang, she is the best!

Oh and a house update – I accepted an offer and it’s set to close at the end of the month. It will be sad to let it go, but it’s time for a new adventure…

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1 Response to A New Addition

  1. Daniel Andrist says:

    Hi kiddo. Thanks for the update. Tot is a charmer.
    Kennedy seems to be growing up so fast. I especially like the rainbow braids!
    Glad you have heat. It’s miserable to be cold. I wear five layers of clothes in our unheated house but they don’t keep my fingers warm.
    Cheers to all!
    Uncle Daniel

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