Bright Spots

Well, pretty sure the magic of 2021 has all but disappeared. I don’t even know how to write about what happened last week. After watching the news nonstop for about 72 hours straight, I finally managed to not turn it on yesterday. But damn, it’s scary, shocking, disappointing, embarrassing, and just insane. I remember in 2016 when I was shocked and angry and scared about the future of our country, but, as someone posted on social media, when the Democrats lost in 2016, we knitted pink hats and donated to Planned Parenthood. Something to think about.

Anyway, I’m doing my best to stay informed, but not dwell on or be overwhelmed by what’s happening. And to look for the brights spots in my life. Maybe that means I’ll blog more? I’m not making any promises, but anything’s possible.

Some big news is that I’m going to be listing my house for sale! Yep, the place G and I bought together in 2013. The market is going crazy right now so if I can get the right price, I’ll sell. I don’t HAVE to sell so that’s nice, but I don’t want to miss out if it’s a good time. And yes, G is still living at the house, but he’s planning to buy a condo if I sell so no big deal. We’ve looked at TON of condos together so that’s been pretty fun. It also means that we’ve been getting the house ready, moving things around, etc. I replaced a giant table with this cute little table really opens the space up.

The BLM sign is printed on both sides so everyone can see it all the time! #winning #blacklivesmatter

I had Kennedy over for school on Monday (her first day back after winter break). She had to miss her PE class because we were meeting G to look at some condos so I made her get on the treadmill:

I told her she had to do a mile. Once she figured that out, she started cranking the speed up so it wouldn’t take as long. I just wanted a looooong break. Wishful thinking.

She also looked so effing cute that day I could hardly stand it.

I mean, SERIOUSLY?! She just kills me.

In less exciting, but very important news, I signed my updated will/trust documents on Wednesday. I had to go into the office to sign (all prior meetings were by phone or on Zoom) because you have to have witnesses, notary, all the things, but it was super safe. I knew my attorney has golden retrievers and that she sometimes brings them into the office so I asked her to bring them in that day. OMG, totally made my week and it was like one big emotional support/therapy session in there. I’m sure my attorney was like “WTF is wrong with this lady,” but I did not care at all. #ilovedogs

Along the lines of things that you need to do before you die, I also got this book:

I bought it on Amazon and it is so great! If you care about anyone who’s going to have to deal with your messed up life affairs after you’re gone, get a book like this! My goal is to complete it in the next few months, just by doing a page or two a day. It is simple, straightforward, and will be so helpful when you’re gone. It does not replace a will/trust, but it’s better than nothing and it’s less than $15!

There are places to add information about your job and boss’ contact information, social media passwords, where your address book is located (yes, I still have a paper address book and a check register!), where you have bank accounts, pet information, last words, personal wishes, loans, etc. – all the things you know about, but no one else does. I highly recommend getting something like this. Your family/friends will thank you. Seriously. I probably need to send one of these to everyone in my family – or die first.

Okay, enough about death for now, I found this incredible picture when I was at the house last week:

Love these girls so much!

So I’m looking for the bright spots and maybe that’s what 2021 is going to be all about for me.

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2 Responses to Bright Spots

  1. SPITLOGIC says:

    When we put our house on the market it was kinda stressful. We lysoled the whole house after people came to look at it. We never even saw the buyers. It was crazy, but worked out in the end. Best of luck to you on selling your home. Hope you get a great price and it sells soon.

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