Swimming, no swimming, cookies, goats and RAPID!

Well, it’s November now. Mid-November. On October 1st, my gym reopened for swimming and I’ve been swimming my brains out (social distanced, reservations required, one person per lane, masks when not in the pool, etc.). Seriously, I’ve been swimming six times per week and this morning, my mile time is finally back to where it was in March.

And now, on November 18th, Portland is shutting down again for a month. There will be no swimming for me. This was announced on Friday and once I heard, I made swimming reservations for Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. As sad as I am about not being able to swim, I’m happy things are closing down again. The COVID numbers are f*cking crazy and something has to be done. #wearamask #stayhome

And we will be doing nothing for Thanksgiving, which I kind of like, but then again, we haven’t done anything in months. J is usually out of town for Thanksgiving so it’s also weird that he’ll be home. We’re planning to have a special Thanksgiving dinner get takeout, but I am also planning to do a bit a baking! #carbsarelife #onlybreadformeplease

And speaking of baking, I baked some cookies last week! It’s been a while, but J needed some holiday cookies for work (a Zoom thing). He was supposed to bake the cookies himself, but we decided that it was in the best interest of humanity that I bake them. They’re called Cherry Winks:

I guess J’s grandmother made them when he was a kid. She got the recipe off the back of a box of cornflakes.

J couldn’t find golden raisins and he forgot to pick up eggs so these actually turned out to be vegan (I used Bob’s Red Mill egg replacer instead of the eggs and almond milk)! They were good and I ate about 10, but I think they would be better if you swapped out the vanilla and used almond extract instead. I love that stuff.

I also saw some goats last week! I love goats. They are so weird, especially their eyes. I started walking with a friend again a few weeks ago and our route takes us by these hilarious goats, Bill and Ted!

Bill is the white one and Ted is the brown one. And no, we don’t walk in the country. This is in Portland, in just a regular neighborhood. #keepportlandweird

Bill isn’t as friendly as Ted. Ted always wants to be petted so he comes right up the fence and then stands on it so he can be extra close.

OMG, look at his eyes? Why are his pupils like that? It is so creepy…but I love it. If you stop petting him, he does this:

Ted is great.

Finally, I have a super important announcement and it’s about this lady:

My sister, not me. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but she started a nonprofit last year. It’s called RAPID and its mission is help Veterans and people with disabilities accept, embrace and thrive. Emily does a lot of public speaking and training about inclusion, equity and diversity and how that intersects with people with disabilities and she’s incredibly good at it. She recently spoke to over 1,700 people as part of a state-wide diversity conference. Pretty awesome.

Anyway, this Friday, RAPID is celebrating its first birthday! Virtually, of course. And you’re all invited!

It should be about an hour long, it’s free and you’re welcome to join if you want to find out what RAPID is all about. You can register and/or donate here! Full disclosure – I’m on the RAPID board of directors and I will also be speaking that night. I know, my sister is pretty brave to give me the mic. I will be doing my best to NOT be a total sh*tshow. No promises, though. Maybe I’ll wear my hot pink swimsuit…

Enjoy your Sunday!

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3 Responses to Swimming, no swimming, cookies, goats and RAPID!

  1. Pearl says:

    See you there.

  2. SPITLOGIC says:

    I’ve heard of RAPID (at least I’m pretty sure I have). No promises, but I will consider joining. I’m always down for a good cause.

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