A Birthday, So Much Smoke, and I Moved!

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted and wow, so much has happened. First, on our way home from Salishan last month, we stopped at my sister’s for a socially distanced 70th birthday party for my mom! We think it was the first time we’d all gotten together since some time in 2019! We’d all seen each other individually, but this was our first family thing in a LONG time! And we had good reason to celebrate!

And the kids are growing up too fast.

We all stayed in our family pods, wore masks and ordered individual meals so it was definitely a different family experience, but it worked and we had a great time celebrating.

Then a few weeks ago, the smoke rolled into Portland. So much smoke. I know you probably all saw the apocalyptic pictures of Portland (and the rest of the West Coast), but it was worse than those pictures could even show. You really couldn’t breathe outside. And as bad as the smoke was here, it was nothing compared to the people and animals who lost everything in the fires. Just devastating. I had so many friends who had to evacuate or were waiting for evacuation orders and that was just terrifying and sad. We were lucky and our families were all in safe areas. Even better was that J and I escaped the city for a few days to go to Salt Lake City (the closest city that had good air quality).

After not being able to see the sky in Portland, it was amazing to see blue skies in SLC and even walk outside! We drove out to the Great Salt Lake one afternoon and it was beautiful (even though the smoke had started to reach SLC too).

In that photo it looks like the water is right where the grass ends, but it’s not. We had to walk for about 10 minutes to actually reach the water from that point. So weird. And the “sand” was hard and white (I’m assuming from the salt).

It was really peaceful and pretty out there. There were hardly any people too, which is always nice.

When we got back to Portland, it was time for me to move! That’s right, I finally moved! I’m no longer living with George and I’ve finally moved in with J. George is still living in the house, though, and we keep in touch all the time. I think it was really good for us to live together again (as weird as that seems), and it gave George and J a chance to get to know each other. To be honest, though, it was still pretty sad to move out of the house (even though I’m so excited to be with J), and almost like breaking up with G again. Ugh. We both know it’s for the best and that it probably wasn’t the healthiest to continue to live together, but it still sucked. Oh, but before I moved out, we made sure we got the outdoor decor in line at the house:

LOL at G. He’s always ready for (and wants you to take) a picture.

So I’ve gone from living in the suburbs to living in downtown Portland (in the Pearl). For those of you outside the Portland-area, I know it looks like Portland is burning down from protests, but the protests are really isolated to about two blocks and they aren’t really near where we are. City living is different, though, and you really have to wear a mask any time you leave because there are just so many more people around (#wearamask). But I have to say that I’m just loving all the windows and light in our new place.

My desk sits next to these windows so it’s a great view all day long. A lot of people watching, but more importantly, DOG WATCHING! #ilovedogs

Oh and one last thing! Swimming starts back up next week and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to get back in the water. It’s been over seven months since I’ve been in the pool. Isn’t it amazing how it can feel like no time has passed and that we’ve been doing this for ten years simultaneously? #wtf #2020



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