A Beautiful Day

A week ago, I didn’t think I’d be writing this post today. And it’s a little weird. Good, but weird. I’ll just get to the point – J proposed to me last weekend! I know, what the f*ck, right?! Oh and I said yes. That’s right, I’m engaged. I guess it’s not that surprising (we’ve been together almost 3 years), but I was still surprised. Anyway, I’m excited and a bit overwhelmed and this is how it went down!

First, we had a two-week trip planned to The Maldives in June that got canceled (thanks COVID) – J had originally planned to propose while we were there (I had no idea). After being at home for months and months, we were both dying to get away for a few days. As you probably guessed, I’m a little psycho about social distancing so I wanted to do it as safely as possible. We decided to go to Salishan Coastal Lodge because it’s only 2 hours away, we could bring our own food (there’s a microwave and fridge in every room), and we would have access to a semi-private beach. Really, it was the best decision ever.

If you haven’t been to the Oregon Coast, it’s pretty common for it to be cold, grey, and raining. I still love it, but when you’re there on a clear day, oh my god, it’s incredible. And last Sunday, it was the most beautiful day.

It took all my willpower not to get in the water and swim. Yes, it was freezing, but I miss swimming so much and I spent so much time on this beach as a child (my grandparents had a home on this beach), it was difficult for me not to go in. J was very concerned that I was going to be taken away in a rip-tide and he kept telling me I was going in too far! I asked if he would save me if I got pulled out to sea and he said he probably wouldn’t because I’m a better swimmer than he is. A good call on his part.

After walking a while, we found some logs to sit on J set up his phone on a mini tripod to take our picture. He does stuff like this, so I didn’t think it was weird or anything. What he actually did was set up his phone to record the proposal. Thankfully, it was so windy that you can’t hear what he said or what I said. I think I asked, “Are you being serious?” about a million times. Yep, I’m so romantic. Anyway, I said yes! And then we decided to play with some smoke bombs!! A pretty fun way to celebrate!

Smoke bombs are so much fun!

We haven’t made any plans for a wedding and I think we’re just going to wait for COVID to be more under control before we do anything. We want to have a big party to celebrate where we can invite friends and family (and actually hug and stand near each other) and eat a TON of cake so that will probably be at least a year away. And no, we’re not planning on having kids because I don’t want to ruin my life, but I am planning on adopting 100 dogs! J hasn’t agreed to adopting 100…yet.

Speaking of kids, I miss my nieces and nephews so much. My sister sent me this pic of Kennedy yesterday:

I mean, how f*cking cute is she?!!! It amazes me how much she looks and acts like my sister. They are basically twins born 31 years apart – to the day. I also love her outfit and asked if I could borrow it (she said no). Mean.

That’s it for today. Enjoy your weekend, social distance, wear masks, be anti-racist, and be kind.

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11 Responses to A Beautiful Day

  1. Karen says:

    I don’t know you in real life but I have followed you for a long time. I’m so happy for you. You really seem like a gem of a person and I wish nothing but happiness for you in this next chapter!

  2. Jon says:


  3. Jon says:


  4. Abby says:

    Congrats! From your Long Time reader, Abby

  5. Daniel Andrist says:

    Thanks for the great pics. What a beautiful day at the beach. We are so happy for you! It is so nice to have something to celebrate. All the best to you both. Love from all of us in SF.. Cheers! Uncle Daniel. >

  6. Jocelyn says:

    I literally gasped when I read this post! CONGRATULATIONS!

  7. Lauren says:

    I am also a long time reader (at least 5 years, probably way more) and am so happy for you! I have enjoyed following your journey, even through your divorce (the relationship you’ve been able to maintain with George is awesome!), and love how diverse and inclusive your family is :)! Here is my big question- will J let you reveal him on the blog now?!

    • Marni says:

      Thank you for being a loyal reader!! Great question and probably not. He thinks it’s weird that I even blog or post on social media. Only time will tell…

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