Well, hello…

It’s been a while (I feel like I say that every time I post…), but it’s true. And while it’s been a while, not a lot has changed. We’re still at home, we’re still healthy (yay!), and we’re all still working. I’ve completed a few puzzles:

I really hated that one, not only because there was a piece missing, but also because I almost went blind trying to put it together. All the colors were dark and blah colored. I almost gave up on it every day. I’m still surprised I finished it. Well, kind of finished it.

I still have a couple more to do, but I’m trying to space them out a bit. I walk/run every single day and while that’s not a lot, at times, it seems like a long to-do list. I feel like when/if this goes back to normal, I’ll be the one saying, “Wait, I don’t want to leave the house or go anywhere. Please make us stay home again!” Weird.

Speaking of staying home, my backyard is looking pretty great right now.

I need to have that enormous tree trimmed and I can’t take credit for the lawn (I pay someone to do that), but wow! It’s looking pretty effing nice these days. I should probably get a dog so he can run around and trash it…Biff loved doing that.

Oh and now that I haven’t had my hair cut in a million years, it’s really starting to look crazy awesome.

Before this COVID-19 stuff, I had decided to grow my hair out. And now, it’s grown a bunch, my roots are frightening incredible, and I have no idea how to style it. It’s naturally wavy/curly so I had to flatiron it to make it look like the above picture. Because my roots are so dark, I thought it would be a good idea to color it. Nothing like an at-home color treatment, right?!!

Super fun! It’s just a shampoo that you wash in and then it will wash out over time. The above picture was taken after I used the shampoo once. I used the Celeb Luxury brand in Pastel Light Pink and I left the shampoo in for probably 10 minutes before I washed it out. There are a bunch of different colors and I’m tempted to try them all.

So that’s the update from here. Hope you are all safe and healthy. #stayhome

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