A Long Distance Relationship

As you know, I’ve been dating J for about two and a half years now and while he technically lives in Portland, he’s really not here that much. He travels all over the world a lot of the time (sometimes I meet up with him) and then he occasionally comes back to Portland for a few weeks. This has been kind of frustrating for me, but I decided to look at the situation in a different way and that’s helped a lot. I just consider us in a long distance relationship and now my expectations are so much different! Like most things, it’s all about perspective.

The truth is, I like it when he’s gone. I can do my own thing, make whatever plans I want and not have to even consider including him or working around his schedule. Like a total psycho, I just wanted him to want to be with me all the time, even though I don’t really want that. Ugh, and that’s what therapy’s for. Anyway, relationships are hard, and weird, and different for everyone.

In the meantime, J and I stay connected through the magical world of the internet! I took a screen shot of us during one of our recent conversations:

It really doesn’t get any sexier than that! Filters are so amazing and hilarious these days.

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