Back to Santiago de Compostela

I got back to Portland last Saturday night (the 14th), but I’m planning to do a couple more posts about my trip to Spain. This will be my last one about the Camino and then I’ll probably write one or two more about our time in The Canary Islands. Hope you enjoy them!

We woke up just in time to see the sunrise in Finisterre, I think this was on December 6th. And the sunrise was even more beautiful than the sunset the night before!

We only saw the bright pink skies for a few minutes before they turned to a more purple/grey. (I didn’t filter the above picture at all, btw.) It was beautiful. It was also late…I think around 9 am. Whoa.

On our way out of Finisterre that morning we took pictures by the last Camino marker in Finisterre – I pretended I was still a pilgrim. And yes, I wore those pants all the time, thanks Amazon! They are the most comfortable travel pants ever.

Anyway, we got back to Santiago around mid-day and we headed out to enjoy the town for a few more hours. Unfortunately, it was a holiday that day and a lot of the shops were closed (my credit card was very sad, my bank account was happy!), but there were tons of people out. We ate some roasted chestnuts:

They were delicious and we bought them from this food cart(?), which I thought was so cute:

There was a long line of people for the roasted chestnuts and it just felt so much like the holidays! I loved it. PLUS, Santiago had turned on its holiday lights and it was so very festive that night.

Remember this church?

Well, the entire square was lit up that night!

In that mass crowd of people around the tree, there are about 300 kids and 2,000 strollers (I’m not sure how that math works, but I’m pretty sure it’s correct). About a third of the kids were having meltdowns, which I think added to the holiday spirit — MERRY CHRISTMAS MOMS AND DADS!

But really, it was a beautiful night and I loved it. I really love the city of Santiago de Compostela and I would go back in a second!

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