Santiago de Compostela

Hola! I met J in Santiago de Compostela on Sunday night. He had been walking the Camino de Santiago for about 35 days at that point. He started in St. Jean Pied de Port in France, walked about 800 km (500 miles) and arrived in Santiago on Sunday afternoon. It was almost dark when I got there, but still beautiful:

We did a little exploring and found a chocolate shop. It smelled absolutely incredible!

We even stopped by the next day just to smell it again.

Exploring the city on Monday was great! The weather was cold, but it was so sunny! I love cold, sunny weather. And the city is just beautiful.

That’s the Cathedral de Santiago where the many of the Camino de Santiago routes terminate. J has been wanting me to walk with him for a long time (he’s walked various routes of the Camino a few times), but I haven’t wanted to use 30 days of vacation time to walk across Spain. We decided that I’d join him on a three/four day walk from Santiago to Finisterre. It’s about a 52 mile walk and I was pretty excited to start walking on Tuesday morning:

We had a 13.2 mile walk planned that day, from Santiago to Negreira. It was actually a 19 mile walk, with the last 6 miles being uphill. Such a fun surprise…

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