Surfing Pictures!!!

Are you ready for a bunch of surfing photos?!! When I decided to go on this trip, all I wanted was ONE picture of me standing up on a wave. After my first lesson on Sunday, I wasn’t so sure that was going to happen. I fell so, so many times. I continued to fall so, so many times. And I think the falling photos are hilarious!!

And going into the photo day, I was so nervous that I wouldn’t catch a wave. Fortunately, I caught a few for the camera and I was/am completely thrilled! I got some really great photos that I truly love. They were all taken on the last two days of the retreat and I may even wallpaper a room in my house with them.

Jing being a total bad@ss surfer chick:

Maria (below left) is Adilia’s sister and one of the surf coaches. She took pictures, video (yes, I have videos of me surfing!), and also coached us in the water while Adilia took pictures. She was great!

The best time ever.

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