It Took Forever

Yes, it took for-f*cking-ever to get to Costa Rica. I left my house Friday night at 9:00 pm. I didn’t get to the retreat until Sunday at 3:00 pm. Yeah, that sucked. The plane was all messed up in Dallas so I missed my connecting flight to Costa Rica and had to spend the night in Miami. Nightmare. And everyone on my flight missed their connections. Some people missed their cruises or couldn’t get another flight out until Wednesday! No f*cking joke.

Fortunately, the owner of Surf Bikini Retreat is awesome and she made all the arrangements so I could get here as soon as possible. AND there’s only one other surfer here with me so I didn’t miss out on too much. About an hour after I made it to Nosara, we went surfing. I was pretty out of my mind with all the travel, but thought I should get the first lesson out of the way. And I managed to stand up on the board for a bit! That was just about my only goal for this vacation, now I just need a picture of me doing it!

This morning started off super early because we wanted to see baby turtles! I’m sure you’ve heard about the sea turtles and how every year, the females come on shore to lay eggs and then head back into the ocean because they can’t imagine raising kids. And later, the babies hatch and have what seems like a forever trek to the ocean. They have to fight each other, dodge birds, and sense their way to the ocean (they can’t hear or see very well). Poor babies! Naturally, we wanted to see it.

And it was great and amazing. The babies are so cute. But it was also sad. First, the struggle is real and so many of the babies die. We saw a mini-massacre of babies that had their heads eaten off by birds. The birds will eat the head so they die and then leave them for a while before coming back to eat the body. WTF?! How messed up is that?! There are people on the beach to scare off the birds so that’s nice to see, but apparently, you can’t stop them all. Ugh. But it was great to see the babies make it to the ocean!

After turtle watching, we came back to the house to have breakfast and get ready to surf. The food here is great! We have a cook that makes all the food while we’re here and it’s really good. It’s also awesome that we are eating fresh fruit right now.

That was lunch today. I really need a full-time cook at home.

The picture above was from dinner tonight. The cook makes vegan food for me, which includes so many fresh fruits and vegetables, but she also cooks meat/eggs/non-vegan food for the other surfer. Tonight, she made fresh tuna for her. Pretty awesome!

After we had breakfast, we went out for our morning surf lesson. It was beautiful this morning:

I got up on a couple of waves, but I think I was pretty tired from traveling and seeing the baby turtles. It wasn’t the best, but I still loved it. Then we got coconut water on the way back to the house.

It was a perfect after-surfing drink! And yes, I’m basically dressed head to toe for surfing. The sun is too much for me. I’ll get a picture of my surfing outfit so you can see how cool I look, but it’s just a swimsuit/rash guard underneath yoga pants. I didn’t buy swimming pants, but I should have. Instead, I’m wearing yoga pants, which are working just fine! It’s also probably saving me thousands of $$ on sunscreen.

We had another surf session at sunset, then came back home, took showers, had dinner and now I’m resting a bit before going to bed. Tomorrow, we’re surfing in the morning, have afternoon yoga, and then a massage! I really need the massage. Have I mentioned that I’m a horrible surfer and that I basically get pummeled by waves for hours and hours each day? Well yeah, that’s happening.

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2 Responses to It Took Forever

  1. Sorry that you had such a long flight! Will you get a chance to go to one of the animal sanctuaries? We went to a sloth one while we were there!

    • Marni says:

      Unfortunately, there’s no time for animal sanctuaries…too much surfing, yoga, massage, ziplining, etc. We haven’t even had time to hang out in town. Seeing sloths would be so much fun, though! Next time…

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