A Drag Queen Brunch

Last weekend, I went to a drag queen brunch at the Night Light Lounge with a great group of ladies!

I went to college with Steph waaaaaay back in the day and she’s been on the blog a few times over the years. We don’t get together as much as we should, but we always have a great time when we do!

The Night Light Lounge throws a drag queen brunch every Saturday and Sunday and it’s so much fun! The food was great (there are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and meat options – totally Portland, right?) and the entertainment was fabulous.

Each performer performed two or three times so there was entertainment throughout the entire brunch. After the entertainment was over, we all had a little dance party and then had the chance to take a picture with the performers!

This was so much fun. If you have the chance, go to this great brunch! Buy tickets in advance and make sure you take a lot of money for tips!!

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