Something to Celebrate!

Just a quick post to celebrate G!

On Thursday, he celebrated 34 years of sobriety! Thirty-four f*cking years. Wow. I baked him cupcakes and he ate them all. I’m so proud of him (for eating all the cupcakes and the 34 years of sobriety). Congrats George!

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4 Responses to Something to Celebrate!

  1. Love it! Love and aloha to you all!

  2. Daniel Andrist says:

    Congrats George! What an inspiring achievement. Thanks Marni for keeping me in the old folks email loop. Always nice to hear from you. All the best, Cheers! Uncle Daniel PS: Have been working on updated vegan chocolate cake/filling/frosting recipes. Will send info once frosting quits running off the sides of the cake. >

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