When George and I divorced, we said we’d always be there for the other person. I don’t think we had “in sickness and in health” as part of our wedding vows, but it was implied and we definitely said that to each other at the end of everything.

Right now, George is in a world of pain. He really messed up his back when he was lifting weights and now he can’t work for the next four to six weeks! Dang. What’s worse is that he’ll be home all the time! And I work from home. That means that there’s no break…for either of us. This is pretty much what he’ll be doing every damn day:

Yes, he’s eating donuts and Biff is being the best companion animal. #liveyourbestlife

Fortunately, G can get around by himself (slowly, but surely) and I don’t have to do too much for him. I mostly do an occasional grocery store run, pain patch application/removal, and I try to make sure he’s taking his pain meds on time so I don’t have to hear him cry about it later. Let’s all hope he recovers soon!

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