The Pixie

I finally did something I’ve thought about doing for probably close to two decades…I got a pixie haircut! In college, I really wanted to shave my head. I didn’t. Since then, I’ve had almost every different color of hair and all sorts of lengths, but not a pixie cut. That was just too scary. Why? I have no idea, but a few weeks ago, I decided that it was time. I was kind of just thinking “if not now, when?” So I did it!

This is what I looked like before:

This was after the cut and during the bleach touch-up:

I kind of like this look – all spiked up. A definite styling option (minus the bleaching roots). And here’s the after:

I kind of love it. It’s so different and I’m not quite sure how to actually style it, but I love it. Oh and the haircut was $6. Not bad!

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