The Driver

Yesterday, I started my part-time hobby as a driver for my sister’s family for the next week. I guess “started” isn’t that accurate because I think I’ve always had this hobby, but whatever. And it’s a hobby because I don’t get paid and most of the time, I enjoy it.

My sister’s husband, Jamison, is out of town for work and they need help getting Kennedy to and from school every day. As you may remember, my sister (and brother) are both legally blind (it’s a genetic thing) so neither of them can drive. I’m happy to help fill in as long as it doesn’t completely destroy my life whenever I can. Back to yesterday, I picked up this adorable lady bright and early in the morning:

She was super excited because she was going on a field trip! She had fresh braids and was just looking so cute!

When it’s just the two of us in the car, we have some really great conversations. I love her age right now because she’ll pretty say and ask anything. And I never know what’s going to be on her mind. Last time I was driving her around, we had a long discussion about the sleeping arrangements in my house and my life. Yes, I had to explain that George and I don’t sleep in the same bed anymore and that sometimes, I do sleep in the same bed as J. Yeah, wasn’t expecting that to come up. It was like an interrogation.

So yesterday, we got in the car and we’d driven about two blocks when this conversation happened:

Kennedy: Do you know what my mom and dad call Taco Bell?

Me: No, what?

Kennedy: Taco Hell

Me: (laughing) Huh. (long pause) Are you supposed to say that word?

Kennedy: Well, it can be a good word or a bad word.

Me: Oh, ok. Um…maybe just don’t say it at school.

Kennedy: Yeah, I know.

Too f*cking funny. Then she ask to watch a wig show on Facebook on my phone and picked out the wig she wants me to buy her (fyi, that’s not going to happen). I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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