Nineteen in 2019

Have you heard of this? Did anyone make a list? Let me back up a bit. I LOVE listening to podcasts. Not surprisingly, I primarily listen to self-improvement/self-help podcasts, but there are a ton out there – definitely something for everyone. One of the first podcasts I started listening to regularly is the Happier podcast. It’s about some of the little things you can do to make you happier and (hopefully) your life better. It’s great, look it up!

At the beginning of the year, instead of New Year’s Resolutions, they talked about making a 19 in 2019 list. Nineteen things you want to accomplish or strive for in 2019. And the list can be anything. It took me a couple of weeks to come up with my list and I’ve edited a few times, but I really tried to include fun things, stuff that I’ve been avoiding for years, and I tried to be realistic…for maybe the first time ever.

Here are some of the fun things:

  • Take a trip with my girlfriends to San Francisco
  • Take a new class (dance, baking, art…)
  • Visit a psychic
  • Plan and take a solo vacation
  • Try a new vegan recipe each month
  • Hike with J twice/month

Here are some self-improvement things:

  • Duolingo for Spanish every day
  • Donate $$ to a charity each month
  • Practice the harp three times a week
  • Swim two times/week
  • Read 24 books this year (audible counts)

And some of the things that I’ve been avoiding:

  • Make photo albums (Australia, Guatemala, Thailand, Europe…)
  • Follow up with attorney about trust stuff
  • Pay off the harp

There are a few others I’ve left off of here, but I think you get the idea. None of it is earth shattering, but just having the list holds me somewhat accountable. If you want to see other people’s lists you can look up the hashtag #19in2019 on Instagram. So many good ideas!

I have my list posted next to my desk so it’s something I’m looking at all the time. And it’s working! I’m on track to meet my reading goal, I’ve donated to a charity every month, I visited a psychic, paid off my harp(!!) and overall, I’m making my way through the list. I’m still failing at some of it, though…like making those damn photo albums. I don’t know what is keeping me from doing it, but I’ve got to figure it out. I know I will love having the albums so that keeps them on my list.

Anyway, I really am enjoying this more than I have when I’ve made ONE GIANT New Year’s Resolution (which I stopped doing years ago). Just something I thought some of you might be interested in!

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