Back in Business

As you may have guessed, it’s taken me some time to get back in the groove after returning from Palm Springs. After doing nothing for about a week in Palm Springs, we flew home Tuesday, I returned to work on Wednesday and…I was exhausted. Why? I have no idea, but I pretty much felt like this all week:

Anyway, after about 800 self-care appointments I think I’m back in business. Maybe not 800, but I got my hair done Wednesday, a facial Friday and a pedicure yesterday! And no, this stuff did not cost a million $$. I go to a beauty school to get my hair done so it’s only $30 for a bleach touch-up and $6 for a haircut and I had a free(!!!) facial. I was also way overdue for my pedicure so, in the long run, I may have saved myself from an additional pedicure this year!

The best part of all of this self-care was that I got my pedicure with my mom! It was also a belated Mother’s Day celebration. I really love that we started getting pedicures together a few months ago. And this time, I even remembered to take a pic of us:

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