Happy Birthday George!

It was G’s 58th birthday yesterday! Fifty f*cking eight! Whoa. And we celebrated together! Obviously, George wanted his free birthday burger at Red Robin so we made plans to go there. At first, it was just going to him and me, but then some other friends wanted to join (friends who hadn’t seen G in a couple of years) and, as the group got bigger, I decided to invite J to go too!

J and G haven’t spent that much time together, and I didn’t really expect J to go, but I didn’t want to exclude him either. G was fine with inviting J too. While this was a birthday celebration, we all really just wanted to hang out and eat a billion baskets of french fries. So J came too!

And we had a great time. We were there for over two hours, the servers sang to G, he got a free burger and a free sundae, we talked sports, politics, my former trailer-life (everyone likes to talk about me being “trailer trash”) and we took pictures (of-f*cking-course, G is still G, after all).

We are in a good space. G and I are lucky and I hope we can maintain this friendship. I know it may not always be as easy or as good as it is right now so I’m thankful for what we have now. Happy Birthday G!

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