A Couple of Light Shows

A few nights ago, J and I went down to the marina to watch a laser light show and the Supertree Grove light show. The light shows happen every night and they’re free. Normally, I’m not a big fan of laser light shows, but this one was on the water and seemed like it might be cool.

And it was! I loved the city lights behind all of it.

The show was only 15 minutes or so (long enough for us!) and then we walked over to see the Supertree Grove light show.

The Supertree Grove is part of Gardens by the Bay, which is a pretty cool area near the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

The supertrees are huge, this is what they look like during the day:

At night, they have a couple of shows set to music, where the trees light up and it’s pretty incredible. Tons of people go to watch every night.

The show is only 15 minutes or so (definitely long enough) and yes, it was still a million degrees outside with 200% humidity. We went back to Gardens by the Bay today to check out the rest of it (the part you have to pay for) and it was also great. I’ll definitely do a post about it later.

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