A New Hotel and Durian

We switched hotels yesterday and we’re now on the island of Sentosa – still in Singapore, just about 15 minutes away from downtown. We’re at a resort, which is so different from where we were staying. Here are a couple of pictures:

That is not the swimming pool, it’s just one of the water features
This dude is very pretty and he screams really loudly. Like, really loudly. Right in your face. It’s pleasant.

And this was the sign we found in the room:

That’s right a $500 penalty for eating durian! Crazy, crazy.

On another note, I’m pretty sure the humidity killed my Fitbit Charge 3. Yeah, it totally died. First, the screen stopped turning on when I would move my wrist and then it stopped turning on altogether. It seemed to kind of be working, but not tracking my steps right. Anyway, I’m not surprised, the heat/humidity has almost killed me too.

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1 Response to A New Hotel and Durian

  1. Gernot Zoeller says:

    Hi Marni,

    reading your post on Singapore reminds me of an early trip tp Bombay (Mumbay) – Singapore – Sydney and back in the 1980’s.

    While my wife Christine travelled from stopover to stopover on duty as a flight attendant with Lufthansa, I accompanied her as a passenger with only standby-status. A 19 day trip with lots of challenging surprises like booked out planes.

    One impression remains in my mind til today. When we arrived at Singapore after leaving Bombay. This was just like paradise. Such a clean city, where you could eat on the streets in those bistro like restaurants whatever meal you would pick.

    Amazing compared to Bombay where you had to brush your teeth even in the first class hotel using mineral water from sealed bottles. As well you better should not drink the freshly pressed sugar cane offered on the street or eat fresh salad in the restaurant. Drinks – please no ice!

    One thing I didn’t like in Singapore was those aircondition systems in the large shopping malls. Being there in short-sleeved shirts I was almost freezing to death and intermittently had to go outside to warm-up.

    Hope you still enjoy your trip and safely return home to lovely Oregon. Greetings to your mom!


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