The Food Tour

After we ate at the hawker centre, we walked around China Town for a bit.

And we had the chance to taste this crazy fruit:

That’s durian fruit. When it’s opened, there are pods of fruit inside that look like this:

It has a very strong smell – a smell that is so strong that you’re not allowed to eat it on public transportation. The smell is so strong that you wear gloves when you eat it because it will stay on your hands. I don’t think it smells like fruit at all, more like blue cheese or something rotting more savory. I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time so I was pretty excited when I found out that it was part of the tour.

We were at a fruit stall in China Town, but there was an enclosed room behind the stall with tables and chairs for people to eat durian. And some people were eating tons of it.

The fruit grows that way, sectioned off so it’s really easy to eat, but there’s a big seed in the middle so there’s not that much fruit on it. Anyway, I really tried to like it, but it has this weird texture and flavor. The fruit is kind of soft, paste-like, I guess. And it was warm, which kind of grossed me out. I don’t even know how to describe it. I thought the smell of it was better than the taste.

We also ate about 50 mangosteen and they were delicious!

You must try these whenever you see them! I think they taste like a cross between tangerine, mango and melon. But better.

After eating all the fruit, we went for dessert…obviously. We each picked a flavor of snow ice (dairy free!) and shared. The flavors tasted exactly like the real thing. Green Tea basically tasted like a tea bag – so gross. I ordered a sesame and almond and yes, that sesame was like eating a bag of sesame seeds. It was crazy.

Strawberry Mango
Sesame Almond
Peanut – so good!
Coconut with brown sugar sauce – called Chendol – and this one was THE BEST!

The food tour was a huge success and J and I were so happy we decided to go. I highly recommend doing some sort of food tour in Singapore – it really is quite the foodie town!

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