Street Food and Flowers

On Friday, we went on a short city tour that took us to the National Orchid Garden. The orchids were beautiful!

On Saturday, we went on a food tour and it was incredible! There are a lot of hawker centres in Singapore. Hawker centres are Singapore’s version of street food. They kind of look like open-air cafeterias, with all the restaurants lining the walls. We went to a hawker centre in Chinatown, but they have them in every neighborhood.

The food is really good and super cheap, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m so happy we were there with a guide. There were three other people with us in our group and we just sat at a table while our guides (a husband and wife team) brought us tons of food.

Chicken Rice – Singapore’s unofficial national dish
A radish and egg dish. The radish was very soft and tasted nothing like radish.
Dumplings filled with chives – tasted so much better than they looked!

There was so much food! Fortunately, anything we didn’t eat, was boxed up and given away. I have a lot more photos to share from this tour so I’ll do another post later. I definitely recommend visiting the hawker centres when you’re in Singapore and definitely take a guide, if you can.

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