The Last Two Years – Trailer Life

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Yes, you read that correctly, trailer life. Like I said, I lost my f*cking mind. I honestly don’t know what happened. J thought it would be an adventure to buy a trailer and live in it full-time. He was like, “we can work from anywhere, it will be fun!” And like a moron, I agreed. He was right about one thing, though, it was an adventure.

We started looking at trailers and decided on the Grand Design Imagine 2670mk because (1) we thought J’s truck could pull it and (2) it had a desk for me.

It was really nice! Opposing slide-outs makes all the difference (<—I know sh*t like that now). It was super comfortable and I really liked it. We decided to park it near Mt. Hood so that we could be kind of close to Portland (about an hour away). This was in June and it was beautiful there. The park also allows pit bulls so I could have Biff with me.

Biff loves a recliner! Btw, it’s can be difficult to find RV parks that don’t have breed restrictions. Oh and when we went to pick up the trailer, we found that J’s truck is not big enough to pull the trailer. #amateurs #idiots

Thankfully, we had already decided to keep it at Mt. Hood for at least four months so we had my step-dad tow it up there for us. And I moved into the trailer. J kind of moved in, but soon discovered that he really needed to be in Portland for work. He became more of a part-time resident in the trailer and was only there a few days at a time. I didn’t really mind being there by myself in the summer. It was beautiful out and the walking was great.

In August, J and I talked about upgrading our trailer to a 5th wheel. Now I really don’t know how this happened. I lost my f*cking mind…again. We couldn’t pull the trailer with J’s truck, so we thought that getting a GIANT 5th wheel was an awesome idea! We bought a Grand Design Solitude 344GK. It didn’t make financial sense to trade in the trailer so for about two months, we owned a trailer and a 5th wheel. #weareidiots #trailertrash

But the 5th wheel was soooooo nice. I didn’t realize how nice these things could be.

This bad boy’s prepped for a dishwasher and a washer and dryer, and it has a king size bed, a huge closet, a fireplace and two TVs!

In August, my family came up for the weekend and we had such a good time. They all got to see how crazy I’d become.

Oh those kids are so cute!

I’m proud to say that I now know a lot about full-time trailer life – black tanks, grey tanks, water pressure, leveling, propane, winterizing, etc…I did it all!

In September, J stopped coming to the 5th wheel because he was too busy with work. I began living in the 5th wheel during the week and driving to Portland on the weekends. That sucked, but we made it work. Fortunately, we sold the first trailer in October (and by some miracle we didn’t lose money on it..what the what?!).

By November, though, I moved out of the 5th wheel completely and decided that we needed to sell it, too. I hated the f*cking thing. It was raining so much (more than in Portland), it got dark at like 4:00 pm and I felt so isolated. J couldn’t really argue with me because he’d spent so little time there. I moved into J’s place. Yep, I didn’t even really give him a choice, but I had been so lonely and honestly, depressed by the trailer life, that I had to get back to the city and near my friends and family.

Full time trailer life? No thanks, it’s not for me. At least not by myself. Never say never, but I really hope I don’t do that again.

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2 Responses to The Last Two Years – Trailer Life

  1. I seriously cannot believe how big and luxurious 5th wheels can be. That is my kind of camping 🤣

  2. I seriously cannot believe how big and luxurious 5th wheels are! That would be my kind of camping 🤣

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