The Last Two Years – Europe

After we returned from Thailand and didn’t kill each other, we planned another trip. J was going to Europe for some work stuff and we decided to meet up after. This was in April 2018. I met him in Tenerife, The Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands are off the coast of Africa, but they’re part of Spain. The weather was amazing and the islands are absolutely beautiful. We spent about a week there before going to Amsterdam. And oh my gosh, I loved Amsterdam!

It’s such an easy city to get around (I’ve never seen so many bikes!), there’s great food and so much to see. We went down the Red Light District about 300 times. I was fascinated by all of it. Oh and I had long hair and wore makeup at least once! Go me.

Oh, the stroopwafels! I may have eaten 12 of these standing on a street corner. No, they’re not vegan, but I’m a bit more flexible when I’m traveling. Eating 12 was probably not ideal, I blame the space cake we ate that morning.

Of course we saw windmills and tulips too. I loved, loved, loved the tulips.

So romantic!

After Amsterdam, we took a transatlantic cruise from London to New York City. I’ve cruised before, but this was the first time I’ve gone on a cruise without any ports. And that was so weird. Also, it was pretty rocky heading out of London…for about 3 days. One of us may have thrown up in her sweatshirt in the hallway. Yeah, that was cool.

The cruise was great about its vegan selections and I had this vegan banana split a few times.

J and I spent about three weeks on this trip and had such a good time. After we got back, we made some major life changes. Looking back at it now, I honestly can’t even believe I agreed. I basically lost my f*cking mind.

To read the other recaps from the last two years go here:The Beginning, Dating, Bangkok and Phuket.

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2 Responses to The Last Two Years – Europe

  1. Jon says:

    I know what’s coming up! Crazy times!

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