The Last Two Years – Bangkok

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In late-August 2017, I started dating the boyfriend (let’s call him J). He’s pretty much nothing like G and that has made things both easier and more difficult. But that’s a conversation for another day. A few weeks after we started dating, I read an article about a celebrity who went to Thailand for a month and took Muay Thai lessons. I thought it sounded fun and mentioned it to J. He said, “we should go!” and I thought he was joking.

Before I knew it, J was looking up flights and we saw that they were only $450 round trip! And then we booked five f*cking weeks in Thailand! Yes, five weeks. We are crazy idiots. Neither of us had ever done Muay Thai (or any sort of martial arts) and we had just agreed to live with each other! We just kind of figured that we’d find out really quickly if we wanted to continue dating or kill each other break up. Life’s too short to f*ck around, right?

About 10 weeks after we started dating, we got on a flight to Bangkok. We were only in Bangkok for a few days and we loved it!

One of our favorite things was going to the floating market! We had a guide and our own boat and it was awesome. It’s like a normal market, just on the water. When you see something you like, you pull over to look.

And the street food was amazing!

We risked our lives riding in a tuk-tuk – seriously, one of the scariest things. I felt safer skydiving. Same goes for the motorbikes. OMFG. That’s some scary sh*t.

Oh and it was so hot. For about the first week or so, all I did was sweat. That was a nice way to start out “living” with J, we were both so sexy.

After a few days, we flew to Phuket…

And that’s when sh*t got real.

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4 Responses to The Last Two Years – Bangkok

  1. Candi Coe says:

    The floating market was one of my favorites too.

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