Late Night Update

It’s been a busy Saturday and now I’m up late (it’s 10:15 pm) and writing a short post. It’s funny how things can change in just a week. Today was busy, I started early this morning buying plants (Fuschia Saturday at Fred Meyer!!), then I finished my taxes (wow, that sucked), dropped off a harp for a concert that was tonight, saw my sister (and adorable niece), then went to said harp concert.

It was so much more busy than I wanted, but looking back, it was all good. Ok, not the taxes part, but the rest of it. Tonight, my harp was on stage! I wasn’t performing, but it got to:

Impressive, right? My harp is the black one in the middle. I love it and miss performing. I’ve practiced a lot more recently and think about performing occasionally. Maybe one day…

I also got to hang out with my mom. And I remembered to take a picture! Well, I remembered to take 100 pictures because it is so difficult for us to get a good picture together. It’s almost impossible. But here’s one we agreed on:

Me and my mom. And we have a pretty good time together.

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1 Response to Late Night Update

  1. Candace Coe says:

    You two look great. Two wonderful women.

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