Baby Blogger

No, I’m not having a baby. F*ck you for thinking that. Also, I’m super effing old now. I know everyone older than me is telling me to f*ck off and everyone younger than me is like, “thank god I’m not that old,” but I am having a major birthday this year…I’m turning 40! Whoa balls. I don’t think I’m having a mid-life crisis about it (yet) and I actually think my 40s are going to be pretty awesome. I went to a psychic on Saturday (totally woo-woo and I totally loved it!) and she said that the number 4 is the number of abundance and I’m going to make some major money in my 40th year. F***********ck yeah!

Ok, well back to the baby blogger stuff. That’s how I feel right now, like I haven’t blogged before. I’m so out-of-the-groove that I’m forgetting to take pictures! I know I’ll get back into the swing of things, but for now, I just feel dumb.

Anyway, my mom and I have decided to get pedicures together every 4-6 weeks and we love it! We went yesterday and I forgot to take a picture of us. Here’s picture of my mom from last summer when she went on a cruise to Alaska:

Hi mom! It’s nice to have time alone with my mom and it’s so much fun to pretend to be an only child for an hour or two! #middlechildsyndrome

After hanging with my mom, I had about 1,000 errands to run and then I stopped by the boyfriend’s place for a few minutes. We are going on vacation next week and he needed to do some shopping so I tagged along. We were both looking for a hat to protect our beautiful faces from the sun and we tried on about 4,000 in REI. We looked like total @ssholes and most hats made us look like cowboys or Indiana Jones. Sexy. And again, I forgot to take a damn picture while we were there. WTF?! Here’s picture I just took of myself in my new hat:

I’m pretty sure this hat says, “Hi, I’m a tourist, please rob me!”

After that, we went to try out a new restaurant/bakery that just opened in Portland. I had been following its progress on Instagram (in true lurker/stalker style) and I was dying to try it out. It’s called Little Bean and it has ice cream made from chickpeas! Almost everything is vegan and gluten-free. WTF?! And I remembered to take a picture!

I feel like I look a bit confused/uncertain in that picture…it’s like I’ve forgotten everything! Ugh. I tried three or four samples of the “ice cream” and decided to go with the orange caramel. It was so good! And the place was packed. Can’t wait to go back and try all of the things.

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6 Responses to Baby Blogger

  1. Lindsey says:

    I’m glad you’re back! And I love your short hair!

  2. Abby says:

    Will you please do a post on how you became vegan? I’m mostly vegetarian and need some tips on all things non dairy!

  3. Lauren says:

    Just an Internet stranger here but I’m so excited to see you’re back :)!

  4. Yessss love your hair! Chickpea ice cream eh…hmm…I could probably get down with that!

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