Guess We’ll Do This Thing

Well, it looks like some of you are still around and that’s awesome. Thank you! I really enjoy blogging and I missed it. So many things were happening and changing and I just didn’t know how to write about a lot of it. I was trying to process things, make decisions and be in a new relationship. I also cared a lot about what other people thought. That’s something I’ve wrestled with for my entire life and I’m just starting to realize that that is a complete waste of time.

So here I am:

Same me, shorter hair. Blonder hair, I think. A bit older, and I hope a bit wiser. Or at least not as much of an idiot.

And I walk every day with my boy:

Biff is 70 pounds of pure muscle and cuteness. He pretty much scares the living sh!t out of most people and I kind of like that. He can be a total nightmare, though, so I have to be on my game when it comes to him. That doesn’t stop me from being madly in love with his cuddly face.

And don’t worry, I’m still hanging out with my best friend, Kennedy:

She’s now six years old! And she’s as sassy as ever. I love it.

Happy Sunday, peeps! It’s nice to be back.

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9 Responses to Guess We’ll Do This Thing

  1. Melinda says:

    Right on!

  2. Candi Coe says:

    I’m sure you are wiser and definitely blonder. I never did think you were an idiot. Keep writing. I love hearing what’s up.

  3. Daniel Andrist says:

    Hi kiddo. I really like your makeover, attitude and especially your hair! Glad to hear of your epiphany regarding the waste of time thing. Thanks for resuming your blog. It’s nice being kept in the loop having shunned social media. Keep well and give your googley eyed best friend a hug for me.

    Cheers! Uncle Daniel >

  4. brandyp0509 says:

    Glad to see you back and doing well! I hate to hear about you and George but at the same time, it’s great y’all are still friends and happy because in the grand scheme of things, being able to stay close and happy is what it’s all about!

    • Marni says:

      Thanks for writing! My relationship with G is so much better now and I think we’re both thrilled (and maybe a little surprised) about how well we’ve come through all of this. Don’t worry, though, we’re still the same idiots we always were. Yay!

  5. Jon says:

    She’s baaaaack!

  6. Tracey Lee says:

    Hey there Hi there!!!!
    missed my morning chuckle you provided….need more of an update…

    • Marni says:

      TRACEY!!!!! So happy to hear that you’re still subscribed to this. I hope you’re doing well and say hi to all the ladies for me! More updates coming soon…

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