A Couple of Milestones

It was G’s birthday on Thursday!!



56 never looked so good, right?  Let’s all hate him together.

More importantly, though, we celebrated one year since we adopted our baby boy, BIFF!!!


That was the day we adopted him.  I saw these pictures online the day before:



And I knew that he needed to join our gang of idiots family!

And OMG, this dog.  He’s my best friend in the whole world and he’s by my side all day, every day.




You may be surprised to learn that he’s not perfect.  He’s almost impossible to walk because he wants to play with every dog, bird, person, cat, squirrel, and piece of dust that we come across.  It’s so bad that we don’t walk him.  Thank god we have a big backyard.  However, I would like to be able to walk him (or just go to the vet) without him completely flipping his sh*t.

I found a class at the Oregon Humane Society specifically for “reactive dogs” (<–that’s what Biff is) and we’ve been going for five weeks.  The class is limited to only six dogs, which is really nice, and the class is so well-organized.  All the dogs come into the room separately, and we stay behind barriers so the dogs can’t see each other.



Each dog runs through exercises individually and it works really well.  It’s fun to watch the other dogs too.  We’ve really enjoyed it and learned so much…even though Biff is the worst one in the class!  I know.  But, if you count the dog that had to drop out (she was too scared to even come into the building), Biff isn’t the worst!  Go Biff.   He’s learned a lot and we may take the class again in a few months after we’ve had more time to work with him on some of the basic skills.

Fortunately, Biff’s really perfected his role as guard dog/neighborhood watch/creepy stalker.




Don’t f*ck with us.  Our dog is vicious.

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