Cabo Recap

We joined our friends, Joy and Matt (and their two kids), in Cabo for the week.  They own a timeshare in Cabo and go every year.  We won the lottery and were lucky enough to be invited this time!  Like really, so lucky.  Joy’s parents and Matt’s mom also joined us.  Over the years, we’ve spent a lot of time with them and we always have a good time.  Great group of people!


We went to Cabo with Joy and Matt a few years ago,and stayed in this great house!  Since that trip, they’ve upgraded their membership and they now stay at an even more beautiful house.



DSC_0035 (1)



For obvious reason, we spent most of our time by the pool, but the house was amazing too.  You can see videos of these homes on YouTube, just look up Novaispania, or go here.  We were in the Viceroy and I highly recommend it.  So cool.  It was unbelievable and every morning I couldn’t believe we were staying in such a nice place.

And yes, I actually have a picture of myself in Cabo.


This resort is located on the Pacific side of Cabo and people are not allowed to swim in the ocean because there can be a really strong undertow.  As a result, no one’s on the beach!



Normally, I would now tell you about all the things we did in Cabo…but we didn’t really do anything!  And it was incredible.  We went out to dinner a couple of times, and went to the spa, but for the most part, we were lounging in the backyard.  I read a couple of books and took a nap or twelve every day.


A very relaxing trip.

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3 Responses to Cabo Recap

  1. Beautiful! Looks like you all had a nice and relaxing time!!!

  2. Glad you had a great time. P.S. That’s my favorite way to vacation, to just lie around, chill and do nothing.

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