The Grandson

Last weekend, we went to North Carolina to meet the newest member of George’s family!  George’s grandson, George IV:


Born on 1.7.17 (awesome birthday) and he’s doing great.  And so are his parents!  It’s been a while since we’d seen everyone so we had a really good time catching up over a long weekend.  And now we have a million pictures of the Georges like this:





And I guess it kind of makes me a grandma.  It’s not really fair because (1) I’m only 37, (2) my step-son just turned 32, and (3) I have no kids.  George III and Courtney said that if I didn’t pick out a different name, George IV would be calling me grandma.  Umm, no thank you.  After a bit of thinking, G and I decided on Gigi.  So, to George IV, I’m Gigi!


I think he likes it.  And my boob.  Babies.

Courtney and George III live in Jacksonville, NC.  There’s not a lot to do in Jacksonville so we also went to Wilmington and Swansboro.

My grandfather grew up in Wilmington and this was his house:


It was pretty cool to see the house and the neighborhood where he grew up.  Then we headed to the beach!



Such a nice day.

When we went to Swansboro we re-created one of our favorite pictures from a few years ago:


Wow, we look so young and fun in that picture!  And this was from last weekend:


 Do you see George IV’s little head on the left?!

George III also took us on a tour of the Marine base in Jacksonville and this happened:


George thinks everyone wants to take pictures with him.  I’m just happy no one got shot.

And here are three generations of Georges:


Pretty cute guys, huh?!  We had a really good time meeting George IV and hanging with the youngsters for the weekend.  We can’t wait to get together again soon!

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3 Responses to The Grandson

  1. Jon T says:

    If George IV makes you a grandma, what does he make me?!

  2. Heidi Massie says:

    Omgosh! These pics!! What a fun time! Baby George is adorbs!

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