A Weekend in L.A., the March and Two Gifts

I’m happy to report that the snow is gone and we can now move about without fear of crashing into everything (at least not more so than usual).  A couple of weeks ago, we went to Los Angeles for George’s sister’s wedding.  It was a very small, casual wedding and we had so much fun hanging out with the family for the weekend.

George with the bride:


LA is not my favorite city, but it was fun to visit and be tourists for a few days!



We also had time for lunch with my dad, Jon, and Carlos!



I spent Saturday at the Women’s March in Portland.  This was my very first march and I think this was the largest one ever in Portland!!


Despite the rain, it was completely packed with people.


Pretty inspiring.

A few more inspiring things…


I got this tote and coloring book from my friend, Lea.  Obviously, they are two of my favorite gifts ever!  The swear word coloring book is pretty funny.


Time to get some new markers!

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