My Home in Guatemala

Hola!!  I’m back in the USA and it’s so weird.  Good, but weird.  And I missed this guy SO MUCH!


I still have a few posts I want to write about my time in Guatemala, but I thought I’d share a bit about the living arrangements first.  There are some schools in Antigua that offer dorm style housing, but I thought it would be a better experience to live with a family.  And I was right.  I lived with Ana and Manuel (my Antigua parents) and I couldn’t have asked for a better family.  They speak very good English (yay!), but they were also so helpful (and patient) when I wanted to speak Spanish.  As part of the home stay, they provide 3 meals, 6 days a week.  And the food was so good.  They even made vegan meals for me.  I know, it was so nice.  And their home was perfect.  I met their four children, ages 29-39, and they really made me feel like part of the family.

Okay, so back to the house.  I requested to stay in a home with fewer students and I also wanted my own private bathroom.  Some homes have 8-10 students, but this one normally hosts only 2-4.  I think it really helped me get to know the family better.  Anyway, welcome to my Antigua home:


Most of the homes in Antigua are built like this, with a front door right on the sidewalk.  The front door opens all the way so you can pull a car (or three) inside.  It’s very difficult to tell what a home looks like from the outside.


This one has a courtyard in the middle.  The kitchen is on the left side of the picture above.


And my room was across from the kitchen…the door toward the back in  the picture above.


Twin beds, just like the 1950s.  Perfect for G and me!  The bathroom was right next door so that worked out really well.  There are two other bedrooms in the house, but they are in another part of the house down this hallway.


The courtyard is on the right by that plant and the other two bedrooms are on the left side of the hallway.  Here’s a picture from the other end of the hall:


Across from the bedrooms, there’s a door to the living/dining room.



And that’s where I had 3 meals/day, 6 days/week for a month.


Oatmeal, papaya, cantaloupe, plantains, orange juice, and rolls.  For breakfast.  I didn’t take enough pictures of the food, but this was a typical breakfast for us.  It felt like summer.

The kitchen is off of the dining room:


And I was surprised it was so big.  A lot of good food came out of that kitchen.  Wow.  There’s also a rooftop deck above the courtyard:


G spent a lot of time up there getting his tan on.  The view wasn’t too bad either.


So that’s a little tour of the house.  I loved it.  Great location, an amazing family, and terrific food.  I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

And tonight…


I’m hanging with these kids (my nephews, Kai and Kaz), while their parents get a much needed night out.  And I already had to explain to Kai that he can’t say @sshole at school…he asked what it meant.  Umm yeah, I’m a horrible aunt.

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