I won a prize!

First, my cat comes to see me every day now!


He prefers to sleep right on top of my notebook so I can’t any notes.  I’m blaming my poor Spanish on him.  The other students (and teachers) are very jealous and almost everyone stops by to pet him.  Yes, I’m now the crazy cat lady in Antigua.  Awesome.

Yesterday, I went to an activity after school (from 2-4) where we learned how to weave bracelets.  (The same Mayan families from San Antonio came to the garden to show us how.)  They said that usually the children make them and it takes about an hour to make one f*cking bracelet.  The bracelets are sold for 1-2 quetzales, which is 13-26 cents (in USD).  Umm, yeah.  Guess I won’t be taking up weaving for my next part-time job.  Anyway, each student was set up with her own weaving “station” and most of us were attached to a tree.  It was a lot of fun!



Fortunately, I excel at repetitive tasks (like knitting, stuffing envelopes, data entry, and collating) so this was a perfect craft for me.  And I finished first!  Also, mine looked the best.  Go me.


Because I was the first to finish, I won a prize!


Now I only need to make and sell 713,194 bracelets to pay off my student loans!  Perfect.  Would anyone like to give me the money to purchase all the string???

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2 Responses to I won a prize!

  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Well, he’ a beautiful cat…
    Yeah, darn guess weaving won’t be on the list of jobs we can take up if we leave our jobs and travel the world! lol

  2. Great post! I love a repetitive task too, very relaxing!

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