Election Day!

Hola!  First, I CAN’T BELIEVE THE ELECTION IS FINALLY HERE!  I voted well before I left for Guatemala and I’m excited to watch the results tonight.  There are a ton of Americans in Antigua so there are a lot of people getting together to watch.

Anyway, things here are really good!  I finally feel more settled in and I am able to find my way around this beautiful town.



It’s a small town with cobblestone streets.  I can walk everywhere and I really love that.  My Spanish lessons are held in a garden and there are a TON of students taking classes right now.  I’d say 50 or so.  Each student has his/her own teacher.


Some tables are in a corridor, but a lot of tables are on walkways.  Mine is on a walkway and it feels like I’m in a jungle.



The garden is so nice and I’m there from 8 until 12, Monday through Friday.  The afternoon is free or you can choose to participate in various activities.  Today, I’m going to go on a macadamia nut plantation tour…mostly to have something to do so I’m not stressing out about the election.  But it should also be pretty fun!

And here’s a better picture of los perros, Sam and Nina:


If Sam finds a way into my room, he immediately gets on top of my pillow.  He is so similar to Biff, I adore him.

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