Saturday Thoughts

  1. Holy sh*t, it’s October.  And it’s fall.  And it feels like fall outside.  I really like fall and fall-like weather, but I was hoping this wouldn’t happen for a couple more weeks…only because I refuse to turn the heat on in October.  Sorry G.

2. It’s almost my birthday.  I’m going to turn 37 this year.  WTF?!  I feel like whenever you turn to an age ending in 7, it sounds way older than the year before (26 to 27, 36 to 37, etc.).  You’re officially in your late-20s, 30s, 40s, whatever.  So, late-thirties, here I come!  On a related note – I wish mirrors had filters that automatically made me look like this when I looked into them:


3. My dad was in town a few weeks ago (see above picture)!  We don’t see him enough and Biff was so excited to finally meet his grandpa.

4. My hair is getting blonder and blonder.  I can’t stop.  I also can’t decide if I want to grow it out or cut it.  So stressful. Not really, what is stressful?  The Presidential election.  Oh. My. God.

5. I’m in love with my dog.  If you follow me on Instagram (@the_marni), you already know that 95% 99% of my pictures are of Biff.



Biff’s forehead wrinkles make me feel better about my forehead wrinkles.  I’m going to miss him so much when I’m in Guatemala next month.


6. Speaking of Guatemala, I’m checking a lot off of my Guatemala to-do list.  G and I got a bunch of shots last week so we shouldn’t have a problem with Hepatitis A or B or Typhoid.  Or maybe we now have all of those things, I’m not quite sure.  Go us!  I’m also going to pack everything I need in a backpack.  Not a backpacking backpack, but this one.  If I manage to pack a month’s worth of stuff in a backpack, I will never pay a bag fee again.  G packs like a 15 year old beauty pageant contestant (OMG, the toiletries) so we will always have to pay bag fees for his gowns stuff.

7. I think I’ve figured out how we can pay off almost $100,000 in student loan debt by mid-2021 (without selling any of our organs!!!).  Yes, I still owe that much (here’s the depressing part, I’ve been making payments since November 2004 and I’ve never missed a payment…) and no, I will not be going back to deliver pizzas.  This makes me happy.  And scared.  And nervous.  I love to budget and plan, but it’s a lot easier to plan than to actually follow through with the plan, so we’ll see how it goes.  I’ve budgeted so that we’ll still be going on a few long (pretty awesome) vacations, but any other major purchase/emergency will slow our progress on paying off the student loan.  And I’d really like to pay off that mother f*cking loan.  Wish us luck.  And/or send us money.  Thank you.

8.  Just kidding about the last part of #7.  Kind of.

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5 Responses to Saturday Thoughts

  1. OMG, I can’t believe you’re going to pack a month’s worth of stuff into that small pack. You go, girl!

  2. It’s so much fun that you can have your hair so many different shades and look great with all of them!

  3. Preach! When someone asks to see a picture of my husband I have to go through 500 dog pictures to get to it and guarantee it’s at least 6 months old. Love the blonde on you; equal parts impressed and jealous that you can pull off any hair color.

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