The Olympics, Birthdays, and Spanish

Hola!  August is almost over and so is summer!  We haven’t done that much and I’ve really enjoyed it.  The weather’s been pretty great (with only a few too hot days) and we rarely go anywhere anyway because we really love summer here in the Pacific Northwest.  I also hate that the kids are all out of school and ruining everything.

Ooh, and the Olympics!  I’ve spent about 500 hours watching all the Olympics and still have about 80 recordings on our DVR to watch.  G and I are trying to find a sport that will get us into the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.  We are still searching.

A few weeks ago, I picked up Kennedy from “school” and she was dying to show me her backpack.


It came with a cape!  She kills me.  Every day.

And this guy turned 4 last week!


Little Kaz is growing up.  Can’t even believe it.

Fortunately, G and I haven’t aged a bit.


 Thank god for Instagram filters (you can find me @the_marni).

My mom also had a birthday last week (my family has waaaaay too many Leos in it…mom, dad, brother, and nephew), and we went to The Temptations on Sunday…it was so much fun.  And really f*cking hot (it was at least 100 degrees that day).


Per usual, G worked on his tan:


Yes, he’s wearing my sunglasses because he forgot his own.  Idiot.  I, of course, did my best to avoid the sun.


I’m so cool.

Oh, and remember a couple of years ago when I started taking Spanish lessons?  Well, I think I took 7 lessons and then went to Europe for three weeks…and never continued my Spanish!  Fail.  In May, my wonderful friend, let’s call her Anna Maria, asked if I wanted to start classes again.  Of course I said yes and we started with one class a week.  In August, I started taking two classes a week and started going to conversation night.  Wow, the conversation nights are embarrassing, helpful, fun, and super stressful all at the same time.  I’m really enjoying it, though.  I’d really love to become fluent in Spanish (and quickly) so I’ve decided to spend a month in a Spanish immersion course in Guatemala!  In November, I’ll be living with a family and taking one-on-one Spanish lessons 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week.  Apparently, there’s a lot of time to travel on the weekends and in the afternoons so I’m really looking forward to this adventure!

G has no desire to learn Spanish, but he will be joining me for a week at the end of the month.  We are both really excited about it and I can’t wait.  Although, I’m going to miss the hell out of my little Biff.


We are still madly in love with that little idiot.

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